We hit a cold front friday evening here in Florida. Sure, I grew up in Massachusetts, but living in Arizona and Florida for the past 4 years or so has really changed my temperature handling abilities. (Even though I’ve always hated the cold) I begged for a temperature drop throughout my whole pregnancy and for the past few weeks– and now that it’s finally here I remember why I disliked it so much in the first place. I had built of up this idea in my head where I thought I liked cold weather, and the cold feeling, and everything that came along with it, but I really don’t. It’s funny how things work that way, people just tend to forget. Oh well! I begged for it and got it, luckily it should only be here for a few more days then the warm Florida weather should return for a few more weeks 🙂 Until the warm weather returns– and when the cold weather comes back, I will have cold weather things to enjoy. I love boots, scarves, warm beverages, cuddling, and now: snuggling up with Babycakes!
I’m not sure how people in colder parts of the world keep their little ones warm a night. I know that within one week of being swaddled Marlowe was able to kick off all her blankets in her sleep– She’s a sleep dancer– a mover and shaker. So, for the first time ever she left her moses basket and we co-slept in my bed for the entire night. I layered her up in in a onesie and two other layers and we snuggled up. Without the heat running it gets pretty cold in here at night. Throughout the night I would wake up and feel her body temperature. She seemed to be comfortable, minus her chilly little cheeks and nose. I really enjoy having her cuddled up next to me. Without a doubt: it is going to be my favorite cold weather event from here on out.