Things have been running swimmingly well here at the house of dogs. The first night was a little hard because I left Cole and Bruiser in the back room so I could get up through the night and breastfeed without obstacles but they HATED it. They didn’t like being separated from the clan and cried throughout the night. Babycakes would cry, the dogs would cry, Veronica would bark, and I would wander around not sure where to feed or change Babycakes….. but we got through it. Last night went a whole lot better when I left Bruiser with Jerry and let Cole do his own thing (since he never bothers anyone anyway). Everything just took a bit of rearranging and adjusting, thats all 🙂

I spent the day yesterday cuddling with Babycakes, running a few errands, and cooking. I made mac and cheese for dinner and a mushroom gravy. I have no purpose whatsoever for the gravy, but the mushrooms needed to be used and gravy is delicious… gravy doesn’t really ever need to be justified anyway. It’s been quiet around here today. The dogs are laying around and Babycakes is just sleeping and snuggling today. I feel like I have a million thing to do, but I can’t remember one thing on my list. I’m happy just taking a moment to do nothing but lay here with Marlowe.

My favorite things happening at the house of dogs:
(click images to enlarge)
 Little feets.
(Yes, “feets”.. not “feet”)
Bruiser is so curious! He loves her. He wants to sniff her dirty diapers and snuggle.
 Look at her eyebrows! Fierce!
No, she did not get these awesome brows from me, but yes, I did make a beautiful babygirl!
Yes, Cole is still a cone head. His ear seems to be healed, but Mark wants to leave the cone on ’til the stitches are all gone. He tried to make it through the dog door today. This did not work out well for him.
 And a mac and cheese breakfast today!
This mac and cheese is really one of my favorite things. Besides the vegan butter it is incredibly healthy (AND DELICIOUS). I normally make a cashew/veggie “cheese” sauce using creamy potatoes, carrot and onion, but this time I added butternut squash to the mix. Yum.
Oh! & here’s a song my friend introduced me to today. I hate most music… especially 99% of new music, but I really enjoy this song! I’m surprised I hadn’t heard it earlier (I’ve always had a thing for Pharrell). As soon as Marlowe wakes up we are going to have a dance party. I recommend you do the same 🙂
I’m looking forward to the weekend 🙂 I hope everyone has a great weekend to also look forward to!


  1. i would love the recipe for the mac n cheese! i'm always on the look out for a good vegan one…