Ah, okay! The Saturday before the sickness drama: It was lovely! Everything went great! The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, there was minimal to no traffic (this is extremely rare in Miami), the food was delicious, Marlowe was happy, (I was healthy) and so on and so on!

Marlowe, Eric, Steve, Kristine, and I started off our Miami adventure by heading straight into the Design District for a little bit of Art Basel. We were in search of the Rainbow City. It could just be me, but the bunch of us all seem to have a thing for really bright colors. Afterwards we walked around some more while Steve crossed the street about a million times to look at design stores. I feel like I should sneak into their house and take a bunch of pictures to show it off… its incredible, but that’s a whole other post 🙂

steam nose
baby wall
off gaurd
navy stripes
half wall
red stripes
blue stripes
curiouser and curiouser
I love her curious little face…. seriously, it is way to cute not to share.
knitted bike
pink room
I feel like a tourist in this photo. I must have passed this building a million times living in Miami, but I never once stopped to take a photo of it.

After our walk-around we headed back to the car and continued south so I could take everyone to The Beehive. It was one of my favorite places to grab vegan food when I lived in Miami, especially when I was pregnant and hard no energy to cook for myself. As usual it was packed with a ton of people waiting for a seat so we took our food to go and headed to a park to eat. I think everyone was pretty impressed, especially by the vegan chicharones and vegan empanadas. I don’t know why I didn’t snap any photos of The Beehive’s awesomeness– I really, really should have!


Once we consumed our fair share of vegan food we headed to the Raw Vegan Market–thats not so vegan anymore– they sell eggs! I would go to every Saturday for my produce, spices, etc. We all got ice cream and shakes– deliciousness. Jennie stopped by to meet Marlowe and give her a little gift she while traveling Europe. It’s the tiniest little most awesome musical crank.


On the way home I suggested we stop at the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale! Everyone had been there before except for me (and Marlowe) and I’ve really been wanting to check it out. It was pretty neat. Marlowe loveddd it. She was so wide-eyed looking around at all the tiki goods and water features. Marlowe was seriously the best little travel baby around. She was awake a lot of the day, but content and rarely upset. It was so nice to give her a mini tour of Miami. I think she mostly enjoyed the Mai-Kai though 🙂

We spilled some drinks… it may or may not have been Kristine— but we can blame Marlowe.
There is a little tiki/garden/water feature/path/thing you can walk around and explore.
So curious!
I’d say it was a pretty great day. Hands down: one of the busiest days I’ve had in a very long time. I really hope this winter brings more adventures, especially with this amazing weather we’ve been having. Granted, it’s a little bit cold this week, but it’ll kick up in a few days or so. 
Thank you so much for all your votes yesterday! If everyone could please take a second and do it again today it woudl be great. I promise not to ask you again for a very long time. I’ll just hope everyone does it everyday anyway 😉 

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  1. The Beehive is on the Bird/Red Rd. intersection. The plaza across from Milams. Its really great! Try everything. Carlos changes the menu daily.

    The market is down in the grove. Its on the main street towards the south. Across from the CVS down there. Try the icecream!

  2. i hope you are feeling better. looks like you had a great time.
    i don't know why but ever since i started reading your blog, your face has looked familiar. for some reason i thought maybe it was from jersey. now i read that you lived in miami, so maybe it's from here…
    can you tell me where the beehive and the vegan market is? although i'm not vegan, i love vegan food!