Eating brussels sprouts again! I’ve only had them one other time after Marlowes birth and she was a very fussy and gassy child that night. I decided to give them another go this week and see if that first night was just a fluke or what. I’m not sure what happened but this time Marlowe seemed absolutely fine after mama had a curried brussels sprout dinner… followed by a chocolate soy milk shake 🙂
Jerbear! When I brought Jerry back from Mark and Nicole’s house he seemed much older. He wouldn’t attempt to jump up on the bed or the deck anymore. I don’t know what happened, but he seems to have gotten his spunk back this week.
Saving energy! I had an appointment with my towns conservation company this week to have my house inspected and see what I can do to save more energy. They brought light bulbs, weather tape, low pressure shower-heads, and a ton of other free energy saving things!
Bunny feet while crafting.
I’ve been on a lung making kick. Eric brought up the idea of having a percentage of sales being donated when I sell them on Etsy. I dig it.
Babycakes in awe of her mobile! Marlowe has yet to sleep in her crib, she still stays either at my bedside in her moses basket or cuddled up in bed with me. It’s nice to put her down in her crib while I fold laundry next to her where she can stare up at her little garden mobile 🙂
Not so enjoyable things:
Baby puke.
Mass amounts of baby puke all the way down my top.


  1. That would be so cool to donate some $$ to an organization 🙂 they're so pretty. And look at Jerry 🙂 I posted some pictures of my Rocky on my blog if you wanna stop by; Misscindia.blogspot.com