Four eyes

I haven’t really mentioned this at all yet… but in 4 days I will no longer have to wear contacts or glasses ever again. Thats right– I’m getting LASIK. I am beyond excited. A lot of people have asked me if I am nervous, and I am, but for the most part I just feel excitement. I can’t wait. For as long as I can remember I’ve been wearing glasses. I think it started off with reading in glasses in about second grade. Then at some point or another I got switched to wearing glasses every once in a while, for seeing the chalk board or whatever, and then eventually bumped to everyday glasses. I moved into contacts once I was old enough and have been wearing them everyday since. I really hate wearing glasses. I feel as if I am not dressed for the day or as if I have some sort of handicap in them because they may fall of my face and I wont be able to see a thing. And the worst part is my eye sensitivity. I can’t see anything when I am outside without sunglasses. The sun is so bright for my eyes I just end up with streaming tears down my face. (WAH). Well, since January 2nd I’ve been stuck in glasses in order for my eyes to have a break from contacts to prepare for the procedure. (This may be part of the reason I haven’t left the house much or had any day to day pictures to post). Ever since I was 18 my dad has tried to get the procedure done for me. My eyes were either not ready, or last year: I was pregnant. But now it’s time! Four more days. By saturday I will be a new and improved version of me.

Well, this change has inspired me to take a look at certain aspects of myself, my appearance, and my day day to day actions to try to improve on some things. I’ve set some mini goals for myself to really work on or accomplish.

Here is a list of my easiest (most attainable) goals:
– Cut my hair. I do believe a lot of women hide behind their hair, myself included, and I really want to make a big change and lose it all to have nothing to hide behind. About 13 months ago I worked up the guts to step into my bathroom, pigtail my hair, and take a pair of scissors to it. I cut off about a foot of hair that day. This was a huge step for me, but I would like to go further.
– Juice more. I used my juicer a lot when I was pregnant. It’s harder now because a baby outside of the womb requires so much more attention, but more juicing needs to get done. I need more veggies in my life.
– Go on longer walks. Walking to coffee is not enough. I need to walk to friends, the beach, intercostal, or the park more often.
– Purge my life of unnecessary things. In general, I try to live a very simplistic life. I try to own as little unnecessary things as possible. I think I do a pretty good job at this, but I really need to start evaluating what else I can lose. Looking around my room, there isn’t much, but I know there are a lot of hidden things in drawers and closets. This will be a bit harder with Marlowe because people are constantly giving her gifts, but I want her to live through experiences and not through material things. I want her always to know organic is better than brand name and quality is always better than quantity. This applies with people too.
– Judge less and experience more. Growing up I would say I didn’t like a lot of things without ever trying them or sometimes without even knowing what they were. Whether it was food, music, a place, whatever— if I didn’t understand something, I would just claim to not like it. I don’t really do it now (As far as I know), I find myself being aware of things constantly, but I want to always make sure I never pre-judge.
– &I want to garden again.


  1. I've been dreaming of getting lasik for years and I never wore my glasses outside the house. Two years ago I found a pair of glasses I really liked though and started wearing them all the time instead of contacts. Last year I found a site that sells cheap glasses online and I have three different pairs now. I also used to feel really uncomfortable and handicapped with my glasses, but I'm so used to them now. I'd probably like to get lasik some time in the future, but I'm having fun with my glasses for now.

  2. @Nikki– thank you! I recommend you garden! Even if it is just herbs or cherry tomatoes! 🙂

    @Bekah: That is sweet 🙂 Welcome! 🙂

    @Claudia: lies. I will not miss them. lies lies lies! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness. Just reading through this list makes me wish we were pals! I can't wait to start reading your blog everyday 🙂

  4. Congrats on the eye surgery!! I have to wear glasses for long distances and for night time, but I can tell there getting worse 🙁

    Good luck on your mini goals! I want a garden too 🙂