This weekend was filled with a ton of small activities with friends and family. We made plans, broke plans,  sat around wishing we had more plans, and felt very busy with everything we did. This was my moms last weekend here and I was sad to see her go today. I’m sure she will return soon though. Our old airport opened up again after 10+ years of closure and is conveniently offering direct flights right into West Palm.This weekend consisted of: Marlowe beer tasting and testing (becoming more delicious week by week), walks for french fries, friends, waffles and homefries, snuggly Marlowe, cranky Marlowe, hangovers, cold weather, beautiful weather, bike rides/trike rides, family brunch, vegan indian dinner with friends, dessert, and pups.

Saurday: need for french fries: HIGH.
Lately our outings have been less baby wrapping and more baby sling wearing. She loves being in the sling since she loves sitting up and looking around and sleeping hasn’t really been her thing lately.
Sunday: cooking for family. Not pictured: Eric and my mom cooking too.
(For those of you new to my blog: it’s true, I don’t know how to ride a bike)
I regret not taking more photos from tonight (sunday). But I did end up taking 97% of this pie home for myself.
Penny: whined when Marlowe cried.
More things done and not pictured: friday night outing, Eric and I canceling our Saturday night Miami plans and miserably doing nothing instead, arepas made by my mom, Veronica refusing to ride in my trike basket with Jerry, delicious curry prepared by Anita, Eric’s terrible self cut haircut, Marlowe pooping for the first time in days, pretty new yellow bread box, and homemade chili chocolate ice cream with cayenne we made for vegan curry night (yum yum).


  1. @Jazmyn Alexandria- thank you! A lot of them are handmade.. either by me, friends, or crafters at fairs. Some are baby gap. I've been meaning to start linking where things were purchased. I should 🙂

    @Claudia- Yes. Yes. I guess so! Probably! 🙂

    @mommatojoa- It was wonderful! I also LOVE my bike! I'm so happy they make adult tricycles! 🙂

  2. looks like tons of fun. love Jerry in the back basket. what do you mean you don't know how to ride a bike? you were riding!

    sounds like Marlowe is going through a growth spurt. not wanting to sleep in the sling and wanting to face out… growing up!