My mom has been itching to buy something nice for Marlowe. Just ITCHING– since christmas– She was planning on buying Marlowe a nice stroller but I kept saying ‘wait wait wait’. I needed to find the perfect one and since little babycakes is always in the baby carrier anyway it felt a bit unnecessary to rush into a big investment like a stroller. And I was actually given a pretty nice used stroller around Christmas time that I have yet to clean up and even use… I figure if I need a stroller bad enough I can clean that one up. I digress… back to the point: because of me, my mom never got Marlowe a Christmas gift and she has not been to happy about it. Well, yesterday while antiquing/thrifting I found the perfect gift for my mom to give to Marlowe: A dollhouse. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined wanting a dollhouse for Marlowe. I was the one who refused pink items at my babyshower and cried when I found out I wasn’t having a boy, but here I am lusting over this antique dollhouse. I know it will be years before Marlowe can actually use it, but it’s incredibly lovely. I’m happy it is in our home. Now I will be waiting for Marlowe to really enjoy it and be old enough to not want to break or eat the pieces. I’m sure my mom can’t wait to play house with Marlowe either 🙂

Marlowe's house
party spot

The house itself was a great find at only 20$. It was all the tiny pieces inside that really started adding up. I got more pieces than necessary, some original to the house– some not. Ah, I’m so pleased with it! I’ve been doing some internet searching and it appears to be from 1966. I can’t wait to add some more pieces and details to make it even cuter. I couldn’t turn down the outdoor furniture…. and the sauna. Yes… a sauna:

Living in style.
I’ve been trying to get Eric to take my TV for his house for a while now… and now that the dollhouse is here, he really really is going to have to take it. *HINT* 🙂 I have yet to actually turn on my TV and the dollhouse is much better suited for my shelf! Ah! I love it.

PS: I’ve received a few comments in recent posts about my ability to go walks without the snow standing in my way, like it is for much of you… well, I feel you guys! I grew up in Massachusetts and dealt with A LOT of snow! But don’t worry, when it’s beautiful and sunny where you guys are I will be sweating and miserable in the Florida summer heat 🙂
Another PS: Thank you for all the lovely comments about my home! My ottomans (ottomen?) in the last post were purchased from Homegoods. It was one of those *walk into the store as it opens and grab before anyone else does* situations. I have yet to see another set in the store since then! I would like to do a house tour like some of my readers have mentioned, but the truth it, you guys have pretty much seen my whole house! It’s tiny! There’s not much else to it other than a bathroom 🙂

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  1. I came upon your beautiful blog when I found out about the wonderful Sling Diaries posts. Scrolling through your blog I saw this dollhouse and I have the SAME one! I got it at an antique market and it was in much worse shape than your beautiful one, but it's the exact same one. I was told it was a LUNDY from the 1970's. I was re-doing it, trying to fix it up nicely but then I got pregnant and my little project was put on hold. Now I'm going to have to start up again so it will be all ready for my baby girl to enjoy.

  2. Memories come flooding back – I had that exact doll house, right down to the wallpaper, when I was growing up in Germany (got it around 1975). My stepdad eventually connected an adaptor so it had working lights and a light-up fireplace (which one could buy separately at the time). Tons of fun, but I remember abusing and breaking all the door handles (too fragile for toddler hands ;)) Gorgeous room!

  3. That is absolutely amazing! It is so adorable; I adore the variety of wallpaper, how charming!

  4. I love reading your blog and following you on instagram. Your little Marlowe is so cute, she makes me squeal! I have 2 little girls and I am in the process of trying to find a vintage dollhouse to re-decorate/flip for my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday (12/31). I've been obssessing over the Lundby houses! That's what Marlowe has! I have yet to find one for under $100! So jealous that you scored yours for just $20! Hopefully, I'll find one soon. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  5. holy cow, i'm so envious. I WANT THIS DOLL HOUSE. I will be playing with it when I come over! What thrift store did you find it at?

  6. Oh, WOW! That doll house is gorgeous! So much nicer than the new, plastic ones you find at Toys R' Us! 😀

    And it such great condition for being made (built?) in 1966! Jealouussss <3 haha

  7. how do you do it???? how do you find such treasures!?
    that is the COOLEST toy house i have EVER seen!!!!
    it's awesome Drea. Marlowe will for sure love it when she is 2?
    i want to live in it. outdoor furniture and a sauna? yes please.

  8. The teeny, tiny little orange towel on a rack?! Oh my. What a lucky little girl.

  9. Oh, I love that house! Want to live in it so badly! Funny, when my daughter was about a year old, I happened upon a vintage tin dollhouse–the same one I had when I was five and was of course, long gone! It was a find at $35.00 in perfect condition, too. I laughed at your post 'cause I also cried upon learning I was having a girl. But my higher power knew something I didn't. She is perfect for me. 🙂
    Blessings to you both,Cyndy

  10. Oh my goodness! The dollhouse is such a priceless gift and something that she could one day pass down to her child. I love it : )

  11. aww, love! the bedroom reminds me of mine at brantwood. I would love to live in that house so I'm sure Marlowe will love playing with it when she's old enough. Much more than a TV 🙂