Toy car…. for Marlowe. It’s a Porche and I’m in love.
When I went to buy the dollhouse the first thing that had caught my eye was a little convertible car. I loved it and wanted it, but 50$ for a toy car that will be sitting for years before Marlowe can play with seemed a little excessive… very excessive. Well, the owner of the antique shop (Janet) knew how much I loved the car and talked with the owner– letting her know my love for it. The price was brought down and original dolls to the house/car were thrown in and I was sold. Or rather, I asked my mom (grandma/abuela) if she wouldn’t mind also buying Marlowe a matching car to the house for Christmas too… and she was sold. Because really, when will you find another antique car (or dolls) this awesome?



The little one had an injury and is missing a limb. 
(the answer is never)


  1. That car is just rocking! I always hope I'm going to find awesome things like this when I go to thrift stores, but I never seem to! Someday!

  2. Thanks guys. It's fantastic. I love the wood on it.
    @Mr. Canary – It is sexy!
    @Renee- 30$ for the car and people 🙂
    @Taylor- at a really awesome new antique mall down the street from me!

  3. OMG. That is the sexiest little toy car I've ever seen.

    I think I may have played with more Barbies had I owned that when I was a kid…

    On the other hand, I may also have just used it to carpool my He-Man & G.I. Joe's to work (in the dirt pile out back) at which point I would switch them over to their yellow, metal TONKA trucks.