Yep, the big bad 26 years old (or something). Honestly, I am not the hugest fan of my birthday (yep, debbie downer over here), but whatever. The internet in my house gave out on me yesterday, so I’m sippin’ on a birthday frappachino at Starbucks blogging away (go cool kid, go), while Michelle bounces Miss Marlowe up and down. Later we’re gonna go on a hunt for little baby sunglasses. Tonight is Pizzeria with a few friends and family. Then Eric’s new (made up?) band will be playing at the bar a half  block from my house. Basically, a friend needed a filler band for the show, asked Eric to join, they had one practice, and are playing tonight… it should be interesting. As long as they don’t sing happy birthday, it will be fun. If I hear happy birthday sung at all (even joking) I’m running for the hills (or the door) with my bright red embarrassed face. 

Have a great weekend guys!
Also, Thanks so much on all the great food ideas for the mesh teether! I haven’t gone to the store, so I’ve used what I’ve had at home. She’s digging the apples and loving tomatoes! Thanks again 🙂 🙂


  1. Thank you everyone!

    @dani: no idea! There are zero food allergies on my side or her dads… so I figure pretty much anything can go in there as long as its organic!

  2. mango's are the best for the mesh teethers!also peaches and cantelope.All frozen then it lasts longer for them. Also not sure if tomatoes are supposed to be given to any baby under the age of 1? Maybe it's different in the states.

  3. How did i not see this?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPY BIIIIIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I hope it was a great one! can't wait to hear/see rather, all the details!


  4. happy birthday! i've already donated to the american red cross. you are amazing for putting that up. I wish I knew how to do it, I would.

  5. Happy Birthday you! The best birthdays I have found have been the ones celebrated quietly…I found a pair of Baby Ray Bans for Isobel, they're adorable!

  6. Thanks guys. Its been lovely, I just feel super guilty *celebrating* with everything going on.
    Marlowe did get some cute little sunglasses for her extra sensitive watery eyes <3

    @Tara: I cut it up in little pieces and froze it. She was able to smush it up pretty well.
    @the peanut gallery: ha. Thanks Eric made it for my party invite 🙂

  7. happy birthday 🙂


    p.s. a baby in teeny sunglasses is guaranteed to brighten any day!

  8. happy birthday! now you can round of up 30. 😀 or at least that's what i thought when i turned 26 last year. :-/

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday… JK

    but really I hope you have a good day! Im currently drinking a Starbucks myself. yummm

    Love that picture btw too funny!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday!! re: the baby sunglasses, i just went to Target this morning and they have some in the dollar bins in the front of the store. I live in MA, so not sure if your local Target has them but if so, they had all sorts of them (rayban, cat eye styles.

  11. When you put something like an apple in there…do you have to smoosh it up first?

    Happy Birthday!