It’s March 1st! Do you know what that means? Well, it means a bunch of things! It could mean… 10 days until my birthday, where I’ll be turning a big bad 26 years old! ooooh! ahhhh! Or it could mean Marlowe turns half a year old this month! eeep! It also means spring is approaching and a whole new season of fresh flowers will be in bloom! yayy!

March also brings some big changes for ohdeardrea! We have brought onto our site a few very lovely sponsors! Thats right, sponsors. Yip! I know there is always a big battle in blogs between *art not ads* and hosting ads, but don’t worry! I promise I will never over run this site with a bunch of meaningless ads. What I do plan on doing is: carefully choosing sponsors for ohdeardrea that mean something to me. If I don’t believe in the company, blog, or product: I’m not advertising it. If I would never purchase or want it, then I’m not pushing it onto you. You’ll never find promotions for ill-made merchandise, non-earth/mind/body-friendly crap, or any company lacking in wholesomeness. With that being said, I encourage you to take a peek at our new sponsors. —> eco-friendly? check. handmade? check. check. really amazing people standing behind each item? check check check!

I really love our new sponsors and I’m sure you will too! Be sure to check them out: Barley & Birch, Vertebrae, & Poche!  They will be sponsoring some very lovely giveaways this month for you! Stay tuned for that! 🙂

I know I never posted anything before about advertising space (sorry), but if you’d like to join in for next month, then please, by all means, feel free to contact me & we can make something happen 🙂

Happy March!♥



  1. @mommablogsalot: Seriously– they are amazingg.
    We'll be having a giveaway for them sometime soon! 🙂

    @jessica: meeee toooo! though its not the same in florida… I miss the smell of spring new england had.