Yesterday was quite a lovely day! Every time my mom is in town she helps me with a major house cleaning. My mom really worked through her memories trying to figure out how she was able to have a clean house while my brother and I were babies and decided it must have been due to having my grandma around to help. It’s near impossible to do a deep house cleaning with just one person and Marlowe. But with my mothers help, we alternated holding Marlowe and cleaning and I now have a very very clean house! Clean house = happy house. There’s seriously nothing better. Also, I cleaned out a fair share of ratty t-shirts and dresses for a decent sized donation pile. It feels so nice.

Afterwards we met up with Mark and Nicole at Pizzeria. Which means: I’ve been there 3 times in the past 10 days. eeek). You would think with so many pizza outings, Marlowe would be the #1 visiting baby at pizzeria, but she might not be! There’s Calvin, the cutest little baby with a mohawk. He’s just two weeks (or so) older than Miss Marlowe and he’s a total stud. We’ve run into him twice this week. I spy future boyfriend: older, mohawk, well behaved, great taste in food, and home brewing parents. Obviously he’s a winner.

After pizzeria, Eric brought my trike over from my brothers (which he had cleaned and tuned up for me earlier– so sweet. Seriously, he’s so too good to me) and we went on a few mile bike ride. Hopefully it preps me for later today when I will be attempting my first freak bike ride. At first I thought it was only 4 miles, then Eric said 6, then the last number he gave me was 8 miles. Eesh. I mean, I never ever work out (yes, I am skinny-fat) and I am completely out of shape, but I figure it’s gotta be easier than child birth…. right? Sure.

You have to play it cool on a pizza date.
Marlowe loves banging on tables. &my mom is looking so good, she totally doesn’t look like a grandma. Good job mom.
The pockets don’t line up on my shirt (it’s supposed to be that way), but I am now realizing it just make’s my boobs look lopsided. Not so much of a good job, shirt. Psh.
Eric popped down to surprise us! 
Not vegan friendly gelato. 

Also, a birthday package came in the mail for me! I got the best hand-drawn comic from Cassie, a painting of a duck (also from Cassie), and a crocheted pillow from Sara! So awesome. Pillow is already on the couch and the painting is already on the wall! I love them.


Other exciting things: Marlowe sits up now, by herself. Like, not just holds herself up, but can fully prop herself up into the siting position on her own. I laid her down in the crib, left the room, and went back in 3 minutes later to find her sitting up playing with her toys. I squealed so loudly with excitement! It was one of those moments where I wanted to call and text everyone I knew to let them know how excited I was (luckily for everyone I knew, I only called my mom and Eric). She then proceeded to try to pull herself up by gripping onto the side of her crib… she came close, but didn’t quite make it. Soon!

This was a bit after the whole exciting incident. I apparently need to carry my camera at ALL times now… even for bathroom trips when Marlowe is in her crib. 

Also, Marlowe’s Barley & Birch package is on the way! I am seriously soooo excited. Marlowe is going to be the cutest kid on the block with her awesome new shirts. No, seriously— she’s going to look adorable in them. 


  1. @claudia: hahaha good job. You're the second person this week to do that.

    @cassie: exactly.

    @sara: YES! AND I AM SO SAD! I'm trying to put her in it as much as I can, its not going to last much longer than another week or two. The onesies you sent are still hands down my favorite.

  2. Ah, that's the onesie I got her I think? She looks super cute in it :o)

  3. I agree that it's impossible to clean by yourself with a baby. Pick up? Maybe. But actually clean, impossible.

  4. looks like a great day!!
    Marlowe's bf is too cute!
    sounds like it's getting close to lowering Marlowe's crib….