Diet Water

You could say my kitchen was a bit bare after our trip to Atlanta. I used up the last bit of food when we returned to make soups and baby food and was left with only one potato and one garlic. (Nom?) So we made a trip to Whole Foods in the middle of the day and stocked up. I splurged a bit… I overloaded on canned goods and bought all the extra veggies I’ve been craving lately. But regardless, this will give you an idea of a typical shopping trip &what my pantry usually/hopefully looks like. I have my staple items and then I buy any extra according to what meals I might like to make that week.


Two to three onions (depending on size) one red one sweet. Cabbage (sometimes. I was craving coleslaw again this week). Cilantro. Grape/cherry tomatoes. Two or three plum tomatoes. Potatoes. Lemons (I bought a bag this week for lemonade. I usually only buy two or three). Avocados: four. One package of mushrooms. One small bag of carrots. One cucumber. Green onions. Kale. And the biggest box of strawberries ever (it was only a dollar more than the smaller box). (This weeks extra items: cabbage, eggplant, artichoke, yams, strawberries)


This is an overload of canned goods. But I try to always have: garbanzo beans, black beans, some other sort of bean (in this case pinto), canned corn. Rice. Split peas. Red lentils (for me). Green lentils (for Jerry). A dry bean mix (that I’ll probably never use). Two cans Muirs brand orgnaic whole peeled tomatoes… Two cans crushed. Two to three cans tomato paste.


Teas. Peanut butter. Popcorn. Nutritional yeast. Oats. Chocolate protein powder. Cocoa powder. Coconut milk (to make ice cream). Agave. Rice cereal. Cereal (sometimes).


Pastas. Extra olive oil (I also have canola and coconut oil in my spice cabinet). Bread crumbs (for the times I don’t have bread). Quinoa (that I will never use. My mom brought &left it here). Couscous. Chocolate chips (cookies nom.) Flours.

Other refrigerated items:  Almond milk. Earth balance vegan butter. Tofutti cream cheese. A block of tofu. Sometimes a plain soy yogurt depending on meals I have planned.

Other frozen items: Corn. Peas. Fruits (either for Marlowe or smoothies). Bagels (yep, I freeze em)

Other: Oils. Vinegars. Half a loaf of sourdough. Sliced bread (for peanut butter sandwiches). Tortillas. Tortilla chips. Raw cashews.

Shopping list and totals: 
(Keep in mind, A lot of this food is split with Eric during dinner meals.)

2.99 potatoes (a TON)
2.63 two red onions
2.12 tomatoes three
3.99 package of grape tomatoes
1.77 limes three
.79 cucumber
.65 garlic
1.49 green onion
2.99 package of mushrooms
2.49 bag of carrots
.86 green pepper
1.69 small can diced tomato
1.29 can tomato paste
2.39 large can whole tomato
2.39 large can crushed tomato
1.39 can garbanzo
1.39 can garbanzo
1.39 can blackbeans
1.39 can blackbeans
3.99 loaf of sourdough
4.29 package of vegan cheese
.75 soy yogurt
1.99 block of tofu
3.29 tofutti cream cheese

Extras this week:
3.86 eggplant
5.99 two pound bag of lemons (yes thats a lot. It’s lemonade time!)
2.96 cabbage
10.00 avocados
4.08 yams
 6.49 two pound container strawberries 

Grand total: 83.78$$

83.78 for about a two weeks worth of food. This includes Eric too. He usually dines at my place. Considering the main total is more around 50$ and everything else I buy is just extras for special meals I want… I think thats pretty good. 25$ a week. This varies depending on when I run out of grains (rice, cereal, couscous), or milks (2.99$)…..

And yes, thats 25$ a week shopping (95+%) organic.

PS. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people trying out the chickpea patty recipe! I’m glad you guys enjoyed them! 🙂


  1. This is such a great reminder that healthy eating can be so cheap! guaranteed people eating out at fast food spend way more with far less quality. this is what we should be teaching our kids!!

  2. wow, 2 weeks worth of food for under $100? that's amazing. i wish we had whole foods here, all we have is fresh market and they are way more expensive than WF. boo! loved your easter pictures by the way!

  3. @oaxacaborn: Thanks! There's always soo many more fruits and veggies I want, but I try to stick with what's better price-wise.

    @Tiffany: I most def. will be doing a post like this in the near future

    @Kathleen: now. come now.

    @lea the lion: it's soo true. I know so many people who will put down organics because of the prices, but if you really look into it a lot of it is very similar in price. The organic carrots and celery are always the same exact price as the conventional at the supermarket… it makes no sense.

    @dusti: Exactly. If you buy smart and cook smart you can feed a family of two…. or 5..healthy food on a lower budget. It's always the processed foods that cost more.

    @heliotrope: I do my best at meal planning and I'm perfectly cotent (read I usually have to cause the baby leaves little prep time) eating leftovers for breakfast or lunch. I'm not sure what else I would add besides the beans and veggies….. I stay away from processed foods as much as possible… I don't eat meat.. and I don't eat eggs or dairy… protein and veggies are the foundation to nutritional eating… weather you are vegan or not. I also do eat grains, which aren't pictured, but added in the list. I just stock up and don't buy them as frequently. I plan on doing another post with meals prepared from my shopping trip. I eat out once… sometimes twice a week… with the exception of this week since it was easter weekend &I ate out a few meals with family.

    @elizabeth: I'm curious to know the prices in australia. I can imagine it's very very different compared to here. Organic fruits are quite expensive here. I buy them when I can find better deals on them…or I buy a lot of apples since they seem to be on the cheaper side.

    @tia: I don't like quinoa at all, but I've been tempted to give it a shot again since I haven't had it in a long while.

    @summer: Thanks 🙂

    @stephanie: ha! I guess so. I never think twice about it, a jar gets emptied and then I wash it save it. I have a ton in my cabinet waiting to be used. Or like you… for random objects.. like, holding finger puppets in Marlowes room.

    @Jbirch22: FINE! I will 🙂 I want to like it knowing how good it is for me.. I just don't.. but for you.. I will try it again.

    @southernmsgirl: Erics mom made it. you can find her shop here: she doesn't have any listed, But I'm 100% positive if you email her she would be happy to make one.. she can even use the same fabric 🙂

  4. You should give that quinoa a go! It's delicious and soo good for you! 😀 I like to add an organic bouillon cube to mine as it cooks, then just add whatever other vegetables on top when it's done, like kale and mushrooms (my fav!)

  5. I was glad to see you reusing your jars. I save all my pasta jars, grape jelly jars, etc. I either use them to put other foods in or wash the labels off and use them to hold decorative items.. Like right now I have an old jelly jar holding gum balls for a splash of color in the living room.
    I also steal everyone starbucks glass frap jars and fill them with milk for my kids.

  6. YUM..this makes me hungry. Wow girl you can cook it up! That is freakin awesome. I wish I could cook like that!

  7. I love the choice in beans and veggies. The first thing I noticed was the huge container of strawberries, and for a dollar more- what a steal lady. I always love seeing posts like this- thank you for sharing <3 you reminded me that on my next trip, I need more couscous. do you like quinoa? it's one of my favorite grain like sides.

    I am looking forward to more diet water posts, they always make me super happy. and you're right- organic can be bought on a budget, even if its not 100% of what you're taking home.

  8. these diet water post are SO what i need right now. Thanks for sharing. ahh so much on my mind related to this kinda topic. you should see how $$$$ fruit and veg can be here in australia.. its sad! keep writing. love these ones!

  9. Looks great. Thank you… I just want to know how you are getting three meals a day for two weeks out of this? I am genuinely curious… I would love to shop like this and for theist part I do. But there seems to be little variety…just beans and veggies. Maybe I am not seeing it for what it is. Do you think you could do another post on how you create all your meals with this? Also, you seem to eat out a lot… Maybe this covers less than three meals a day. I am still trying to learn how to do healthy AND economical for me and my daughter. Any help would be so appreciated.

  10. Your pantry looks like mine and so does your shopping list! Our weekly shopping is usually around $70, since I buy raw goat's milk and usually buy some salmon, frozen bean burgers in case I get frazzled, and we feed 3 adults and two kids. I occasionally have the cashier ask me what I plan on feeding my family with that! Uh, food?

  11. What a great shopper! I love it!! People think eating healthy is more expensive, but in reality it is not. I love these posts!

  12. This is SO helpful! thank you. can you make a list, perhaps, of the various meals in 2 weeks you'll prepare out of this – and what is your staple breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (if you didn't already go over it!)

  13. @samantha: Thats a great idea! I might stick some in a jar for her to play with now!

    @cara: I always make sure to browse and see whats in season for the better prices 🙂 I'm also a nosey vegan. One of my absolute favorite things is looking into peoples refrigerators and shopping carts!

    To vote for my apartment:
    You have to sign up for apartment therapy– a pain I know, but its a great site.. and they don't spam you! then just add my apartment to your favorites 🙂 <3<3<3

  14. Yesss! Good trip! Due to our rural location, our similar grocery haul is about $20-$40 more. Not buying meat is a great way to cut costs, I love it.

    One way simple way I love eating quinoa is cooked with some margarine, a bit of nutritional yeast and some cilantro. It reminds me of that cheesy broccoli rice Sidekick from days gone by 😛

    Great post! Now, I'm hungry!

  15. Yum, yum, yum, yum!

    Those prices are amazing. Over here (UK) it would probably double that – and that would be shopping in a huge, faceless company of a supermarket type place.

    I love, love entries like this – I'm a nosey vegan, what can I say? :).

    Oh and just a P.S how do I vote for the Apartment Therapy article on your home?

    P.P.S I love your couch! 🙂

  16. I love posts like this, especially since I am not back in my own place and have to start stocking my own pantry! 😛

    Dry beans make excellent sensory tubs for little ones! (well when they are past the putting everything in their mouth stage.)