Last night Eric played with Marlowe on the bed while I stitched up creatures. He went through all the toys with her and gave them all proper names. (I would like to see if he even remembers them today. HA). Marlowe grabbed and chewed on each toy like usual. We quickly noticed a little mishap: Mrs. Buttersworth hat was coming undone from her head. We claimed her dead and decided to have a service in honor of her life…. or her hats life? Well, it was for her, but looking back I realize: she is fine… just bald &her hat is more or less the one who went goodbye. Whatever. We had a service for all her friends &Pastor Tiny The Giraffe.

Creating a coffin. This quickly got put on hold when Miss Marlowe got hungry for dinner and sleepy for bed. 
(Eric walked in the door matching with Marlowe. Totally unplanned, but totally a win.)
A service for Mrs. Buttersworth after Babycakes bedtime. 
R.I.P Mrs. Buttersworth’s hat. You were cute, kind of. 
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  1. Kathleen: baby godzilla. Definitely a ruthless monster.

    Tia: This one wasnt mamma. Eric was the creative force behind this one. My only decision was the computer background 🙂


  2. it sounds like you guys had a fun time going through Marlowe's toys 🙂
    What a lucky baby to have such a creative mommy.