I’m not gonna lie, I’m not so into Easter (or any holiday). Well, I love Halloween, but other than that I’m pretty indifferent to holiday celebrations. I’m not a debbie downer or anything… we did kind of have a tree for Christmas and I still put Marlowe in a cute dress with carrots on it… but you know, whatever. I most likely will be doing easter baskets once she’s old enough. The baskets my mom put out were always the best (she still sends them now— &they still rule) and I was always so excited to find them… I want to be able to bring that excitement to Marlowe too.

I haven’t left the house much lately. I’ve been overly tired. Marlowe’s sleep schedule is almost like a newborn again– waking every 2 hours to feed. It’s been difficult for my body to readjust. Not only that, but some days naps are slim to none. (wah, I know. I’m whining). Even last night when Marlowe managed to give me four hours in a row I was still pooped beyond belief all of today. Everyone was out partying, drinking, and dancing last night until 4,5, even 6 in the morning &I was at home just hoping to sleep enough to get me through the day. (wah, I’m still whining… ok, fine, I’ll stop).

Anyway, the weather was great today. Marlowe &I dressed up and heading to my dad’s house (with Eric) for some easter-brunching. My step mom made a fair amount of foods &Eric &I attempted to make waffles. Marlowe clung to me all morning/afternoon like the end of the world was going to arrive if she wasn’t in my arms.

Later that evening we heading over to Eric’s parents house for easter dinner. There was also a fair amount of food, people, &eastering. Marlowe received an easter basket &went on her first easter egg hunt (sort of). Eric &I filled our bellies with food and headed home.

images from easter:
Sunglasses: ray ban Hat: urban outfitters Top: Jcrew Skirt: Vintage Youngblood Marlowe’s dress: Vintage
bread knife wound. 
cake mishap. nicole fail.
little brother piggin’ out.
first easter egg.
Diapers I left out while at dinner. Came back to some pouring rain 🙁 
First cloth diapering fail.
&an easter care package from my mom:
Three cook books! Tom’s platforms (I still need pads for em’. My feet don’t fit in the smallest size). Garden kit. Hiding squirty fish. Knuffle Bunny: my mom is adorable and changed the names in the book to all say Marlowe! &the cutest little handmade bunny ever: Marlowe’s new “knuffle”.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Whatever you enjoy to do on your for you easter… have it be: baskets, or egg dyeing, or churching, relaxing, or feasting… I hope it was all wonderful!


  1. It's funny, I am the exact same way with Easter. I didn't even do a single things for my girls first Easter, but I'm sure we'll dye eggs next year when she's older. Hope you get some normal sleep again – sounds pretty terrible.

  2. Thanks guys 🙂 Like I said, my mom's baskets (packages) still rule! She's awesome like that.

    @carynn: I never heard of the book until now. It will most likely just be a book of food porn for me also… maybe until Marlowe gets older &I hopefully have more time… Thanks 🙂

    @kara: we will see how these toms go.. I'm always barefoot or in flats.

    @hanna: I think it's probably teething combined with a growth spurt. Who knows… babies are crazy.

    @ali: I will def. let you know as soon as I get off my lazy bum and buy pads for them 🙂

    @kristina: bum genius

    @the hunny bunny: me too 🙂 he's adorable!

    @beautifullaura: amen to boob breaks!

    @kalani: you would. or in the hamper?

    @chrissy: happy belated easter to you too!! <3

    @dusti: she is 🙂

    @lil muse lily: I'm still breastfeeding alll the time. She only gets some food/rice cereal at night and then more boobs. Food is like an occasional treat for now I want her to breastfeed for at least a few more months. I'm tempted to let her cry it out.. Ive tried a few times.. but about 8 minutes into it she gets even more worked up and freaks out.

    @tia: debbie downers unite!

    @yellow finch: thanks <3

    @jennifer: I've been eyeing the elephant ones (for me)! I never like the patterns on the vegan ones.. but those are awesome!

    @summer: thanks 🙂 I only actually have two other cookbooks besides these new ones 🙂

  3. So glad you had a great easter! I love what your mom sent. No wonder your a good cook!!

  4. Whoa cute Toms! I didn't know they made those. Olive got a cute pair with elephants on them in her easter basket! Hang in there on the lack of sleeping. We're in the same boat. Olive has been up anywhere from every 30 min to every 2 hours and I want to scream my head off but I keep telling myself it won't last forever and in a few months I won't even remember it happened. I know that doesn't help but know you aren't alone and she will be back to long sleeping in no time. I feel like that's all I've been talking about on my blog but a little vent is good sometimes so whine all you want!

  5. Whine all you'd like lady. we all do it.

    I am in looooove with the new Tom's wedges and I want some. you're mom is pretty darn groovy. geez. &I love how you and Marlowe sported green on easter- the turtles and carrots suited you both well. I love it all. and I know what you mean about not being into holiday celebrations much- I'm the same way. thought my family insists I am a debbie downer.

  6. sounds like Marlowe is going through a growth spurt and teething. hang in there. are you still breast feeding at night? i think it might be time to do away with one of those. let her cry it out if you can/believe in that.
    your mom is so sweet sending you all an easter package. 🙂

  7. Those books look sweet! I can't wait til Aura will start eating solids so I can experiment with that (and to give boobs a little bit of a break hehe).

  8. I want to know how you like those Tom's!! I think I need some too.

  9. i'm jealous of the care package! You both look adorable in your little dresses. I'm just starting to go through the same thing with Isobel, she has started waking up during the night after sleeping 12 hours straight for the last three months. It is such a shock to the system. What do you reckon is the reason for this?

  10. That skirt is to die for. And I love those Toms but can't bring myself to buy them. I always resort to taking off my heels and wearing flip flops or flats.

    Glad you had a great weekend!!

  11. Great Chefs Cook Vegan is the ONE cookbook that I still haven't made anything from. It's been on my shelf for a couple of years and all of the recipes look so delicious (and beautiful) but so intimidating! You'll have to let me know if you make something from it, haha!

    I love your blog..


  12. What a great care package 🙂 That bunny is absolutely adorable! I knit a Teddy for my little girl soon to arrive.. I think she needs a bunny too 😛