First off, let me say: Thank you! All your comments are always so incredibly kind and thoughtful… especially on the latest post about Marlowe’s father. I have a hard time expressing my gratitude, or how I feel in general, but it really is such an uplifting moment to read each person’s kind words. So, thank you.

About Marlowe’s father, I have not posted the story of Marlowe’s father and I. And as of now: I don’t plan to do so. Our relationship is in the past and out of respect for Eric, it will not be revisited. It will stay in the past.

That being said, I’ve received a few questions via comments, email, or anonymously (through formspring) about how Eric handles the visits with Marlowe’s father. Well, honestly, there has only been 3 or 4 proper visits, but he handles each one quite well. As noticed, he is incredibly kind, patient, and understanding. He doesn’t care for Marlowe’s father, but doesn’t have to directly deal with him either. He misses “his girls” the weekends of the visits, but everything goes back to normal on Sunday evenings.


Also, I do my best to keep up with emails, but I am a tiny bit behind this week. I’m a bit worn out at the moment, but will soon catch up! Emails will be responded to, posts will be made, and orders will be completed and shipped out. Promise.

I love hearing from you guys. Whether it’s stories or random questions: it brightens my day. It’s nice to hear stories of readers relating to my experiences. Even sometimes, I find myself reading blogs of seemingly perfect families or seeing pregnancy photos of a mama and papa so incredibly excited together, and I can’t help but feel a hint of jealousy. For a second: I feel robbed of those moments… but then time passes and I remember I’m not alone in those experiences. All our lives aren’t meant to be the same and they seldom (read: never) go exactly as planned. Even if it means going against the grain, challenging your own beliefs (or family’s beliefs), or choosing a different path than planned, you just have to make it work. Reading your stories (whether written personally to me or through your own written blogs) reminds me how different, but alike we all are. So what if I stood alone (and proud) without Marlowe’s father in my photos: neither she or I is alone now. She has me and we have an amazing family together (with Eric). &I’m going do my damnedest to make sure she always has the best family possible, because we both deserve it. We’ve all got different stories, but we are all working towards the same goal: happiness. Thank you for sharing your happiness (and hard times) with me and letting me do the same with you.

As far as all the diaper questions: I use Bum Genius. I love cloth diapering. It ranks pretty high as one of the best decisions I have made since becoming a mother. It’s incredibly easy to do (as long as you have a washer in your home). It saves a ton of cash and is much much much better for your baby’s bum and the environment. If you are a mama on the fence about cloth diapering: stop debating and do it! Seriously.

Thanks again guys!

PS. Speaking of being behind &speaking of happy families. Congratulation Carey &Nathan! Welcome to the world Miss Eleanor James! Enjoy every moment of your new little family of three! ♥


  1. I just found your blog – I really appreciate/relate to this post as an expecting mom who is not with her child's father. People do always seem to ask about it…I guess that's natural. Keep doing what you're doing 🙂


  2. Hey girl… thanks for responding to our questions about baby daddy. I will say personally that I was just wondering bc I have been in a bit of a similar situation with Lily Claire's dad, and it is nice to hear you're not the only one.

    I also see that Eric handles things the way that my significant other will in the future, and you 3 ARE a family, even if not in a "traditional" definition. I'm truly happy that you've found someone to love on you both 🙂

    As far as the cloth diapers, I should sponsor a cloth diaper giveaway through your site! I'm affiliated with and people don't know HOW EASY and special cloth diapering is. Feel free to contact me so we can get a giveaway going!

  3. Drea,
    I just wanted to say that it's so nice that you reach out to your readers. I left a comment a while back and I love that you replied to everyone that left a comment.
    Thanks for keeping it personal 🙂


  4. My oldest is not my husband's biological child. We got married when she was 20 months old. Her biological father is a good friend, a nice guy, and we all enjoy having him in our lives now that we all get along (i.e. custody has been worked out)- but I am thankful every day that I am not raising our daughter with him every day. I can handle co-parenting, but being in a relationship with him? We'd both end up in padded rooms.

    Sometimes we have children with people that we shouldn't stay in relationships with. It isn't a bad thing! Our kids can be the lights of our lives without us waking up to their biological fathers every day- and DNA does not a daddy make <3

  5. You're doing a great job. I commend your ability to handle this all in such a classy way. 🙂

  6. you are such an encouraging person and so classy! Just reading that you will not talk about Marlowe's father out of respect for Eric, says a lot about who you are as person, and you don't owe it to your readers to indulge us in your history with your ex!

    Love reading your blog–and I have to remind myself sometimes that not everyone's life is picture perfect–even if their blog seems to show that it is!

  7. Drea, you are right when you say that yours and Marlowe's father's relationship is in the past. It's best to not hold onto things like that but to be at peace with it.
    Eric looks confident enough in your relationship (as he should) so, he doesn't feel threatened.

    hope we meet tomorrow! 🙂

  8. don't think im weird but reading this makes me feel like im your friend. is that weird? im all the way in san diego but reading posts where you open up are pretty touching. the love for our children is greater than anything on earth. i always think… i thought i knew what love was, until i had my kids. hugs! Liz

  9. I LOVE YOU!

    for whatever reason, that's all i want to say after reading this post.