Please bring me health and bring me good weather so I can wear these boots:
Vintage 1970s Bally’s
Gifted from my friend Tina (& her consignment shop) to Michelle (because they were “too amazing to not keep between friends”). Too small for Michelle. &Fit like they were made for my feet. Thank you 6.5 feet, lady friends, &shoe gods.

Also, please bring me a roomba so I don’t lose my mind (or shave my dog).

Yes, I am a girl in south Florida who can’t get enough of her boots. Cowboy, motorcycle, vintage, whatever: I love me some boots. 

This post is totally dedicated to vintageshoelove, btw. She’s kinda like a shoe god. 


  1. i'm drooling. gorgeous boots, very jealous you get to rock those- especially with the story behind them <3

  2. @lil muse lily: you gave me crap the other day for wearing bots in this heat! pfffft. <3

    @beloved bee: Lake Worth. Just south of West Palm

    @fleur de moi: these are not vegan. I don't have a problem with leather vintage-ware. Especially gifted or family hand-me-downs. For some really awesome (pricey but awesome) vegan shoes/boots check out: olsenhaus and osborn design! 🙂

  3. Where in Florida are you? I was born and raised in Fort Myers! Don't really see many cool people from Florida. lol

  4. Those boots are INSANE! You are a lucky, lucky girl. Now you have to visit here again so you can wear your boots.

  5. ok, now i hate you and where can we move so we can wear ALL of our boots? i have too many and want more also.