I had been telling my friends about a yoga class I found at a church— just a few blocks east of my house. We decided it would be a good idea to all get together and check it out. Yesterday was our first class. On the way there, I mentioned I had only ever done yoga once— when I was 8 months pregnant. Both friends were very surprised by this, they figured, out of everyone, I would be the one to be really into yoga. Cause.. you know… I’m obviously “into that kind of thing” aka “a granola eating hippie.”

Yoga was great. Really great. In the down time between poses– in the time where you just lay there on your back with your palms open: I was relaxed. It was the most quiet time I’ve had in over 9 months. Eyes closed or eyes open: it didn’t matter. I could just lay there at peace. My mind never turns off– I’m certain I am not capable of shutting off, but it was so nice to just have the opportunity to try. Laying there within my own thoughts and without worrying about anything else gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life lately. It gave me the chance to to feel extra grateful again. I lay there on my back thinking about my daughter, my family, my friends, feeling gratitude towards everything. Knowing at home: I have a beautiful, healthy, and happy daughter. I have a family I can count on and I can look to for support. &I have friends who are like family.

I thought a lot about child birth during yoga… crazy maybe, but I thought about my body and all that it is capable of. I thought about wanting more from it: more strength, power, and flexibility. I’ve always wanted to work on it more, but have never really done so, but after yesterday, I can’t wait to go back. I need to go back. I look forward to seeing what more I am capable of.

What makes people feel they need to label themselves, I’m not sure. I do love the Grateful Dead, I love camping out at music festivals, I love nature, I only eat natural and organic foods, I cloth diaper, I refuse to use paper napkins, towels, or plates, I promote babywearing, breast-feeding is the only choice for my child, I’m vegan, etc etc. So, while I do understand why people place me in this “hippie” category— because I do love and live in a lot of that “hippie shit”, I would never label myself as a “hippie”. I hate labels– I hate self labeling. It’s silly. I am who I am. (I am woman, hear me roar)

I guess what I’m saying is, I hate the idea of being labeled a certain way because of a few small interests I have, or activities I practice…. &my new adventure in yoga may give people even more reason to label me a “hippie”, but that’s okay. I’ll take it, especially: if that means I can find some peace two times a week. Especially after hard &trying days like today, it’s nice to have that time just to reflect.

hippie shit

Please know: I don’t like granola. I’ll eat it, but I don’t enjoy it.

Also know: I hate phish.

Also know: I love my friends &when they call me a hippie I know they do it with love. <3

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  1. So yeah. I agree completely with you. My new sister-in-law likes to tell me I'm a hippie all the time because I'll try to talk about natural childbirth and because I like to go to music festivals and get dirty. The only reason I make note of it is because she uses it in a [albeit lightheartedly] condescending way.

    Now, I love the hippie label and all things associated with it, but I'm not a hippie. I leave a horrible carbon footprint and I'm not even slightly vegetarian and I still eat at chain restaurants even though I know what harm they do to animals/the environment. I'm not one to be offended so I don't care if someone calls me a hippie, but I spend a lot of time pondering over why people label things that are different. It confuses me too.

  2. this is funny. and i'll just say that if you've got a label, i think granola/hippy is one of the best kind. i have a bit of that myself and i dont mind for the most part… but i do shave my armpits, for the record (and no judgment if you don't. hippies are all about acceptance.)

  3. I love yoga! In fact-I am a certified hatha-vinyasa teacher. People consider me pretty hippie-however, everyone I know that goes to yoga are pretty high maintenance (meaning manicures, tanning beds, wearing expensive lululemon clothes). Whatever-I do yoga (and teach) because it's so good for our bodies, especially as we age. It's also good, because it also affects how we relate to other people, and can positively affect our community. Keep doing it!

  4. The other day some lady came to look at our house (it's for sale) and called me a 'hippie' because I nurse and cloth diaper my baby. Pardon me? Yes, I eat organic and cloth diaper, but a hippie? Really? Well I guess I did buy a tie dye dress yesterday…

  5. Oh Drea, this made me laugh!

    My friends are always surprised that I don't "do" yoga. Yes, I love patchouli, but I also love showers and deodorant. I own tie-dying supplies but I also (shhh!) like to shop at the Gap. And I don't ever eat granola!

    And Eric's comment is HILARIOUS.

  6. the hippie movement is dead. there's people who people think are hippies, and there's people who think that they are hippies. the former may do yoga, enjoy camping and listen to grateful dead, the latter mostly just smell.

    speaking of hippie shit: are you still coming to MA at the end of june? does that mean you're coming when mark comes for phish (but not coming for phish)? please say yes!

    <3 Katie

  7. i have been reading yr blog for a really long time – and somehow totally missed out (until recently) that you're ladyfriends with katie o and johanna! ah ha. we went to umass together.

    so, love from amherst! marlowe looks like such a yummy little peach.

  8. I get that a lot – the granola/hippie assumption thing. I don't mind so much when it's people that I know.

    P.S I keep meaning to email you back…but wow I am super duper busy :(.

  9. Labels are pointless – people are far too wonderful and complex to be boxed up like that! 🙂 I love yoga, and I love J. Crew, and I have tattoos, and I love bacon. So who the hell knows how I'd even label myself if I cared to try.

    Speaking of yoga. It's amazing! It has been a really beautiful experience for me since starting all of 3 weeks ago, lol. But already my body and mind feel better, not just when I'm on the mat but at all times. I'm glad you're giving it a try – it's so worth the time investment!

    And Eric's last note made me chuckle. 🙂

  10. hooray for the hippie lifestyle! i am proud of my little lifestyle choices that seem hippie-ish. thats one of my favorite things about you and this blog. if only i had the courage to be vegan. i add sour cream to my enchiladas. not vegan. you should be so proud of who you are and what you do. with this blog you inspire people to be more eco-conscience which is the best for our babies futures. and congrats on your yoga experience! my mom is a yoga instructor and practices daily, i want to do it too. there are so many benefits to meditating too, and my belly blubber is making me depressed. hugs

  11. Hmmm. I guess I can relate, being into the things you listed, too. Uh, and owning that same mug. Thing is, I don't think in this "day and age" it is particularly "hippy-ish" to be into yoga. In NYC, where I live, it is actually very TRENDY. Yep, trendy. Although, in line with the "granola crunchy" philosophy, yes…
    I hear you on this, but again…all of these beautiful sunshine and rainbow things we are into have also become pretty trendy…even the breastfeeding 🙂 So, maybe we're just yuppies after all. lol xoxo

  12. So glad you enjoyed yoga! I LOVE it! Keep us updated as you continue your practice!

    As a yoga teacher, I'm always intrigued by new students' experiences!

    PS I totally downloaded and Uncle John's Band ringtone today…when it rings in the grocery store, I'll prob get the "damn hippie" looks! 🙂

  13. we're moving three blocks away from a yoga studio (studio?) so i'm looking at starting a class. i could use some of this peace you're talking about, even if it is just for a few hours a week. voted for you duh!

  14. Okay- the funniest thing I have read in a while was Eric's side note. I couldn't agree more though, being "labeled" because of the few things you believe in or have interest in. It's quite obnoxious- but I love that you can flip flop all of those labels and make those who assume and label eat their own words <3

  15. ha.ha. Love this. Being from the midwest and living in CO I'm always being called a 'Boulder hippie'- and I think I'm pretty damn far from being one! I do love yoga though. I've only done it a handful of times- but today was so rough with J that I was searching online for the nearest yoga studio-I'd be all over that shit if it wasn't like $150 a month!

  16. Love this post. The last little thing from Eric made me laugh out loud (and my husband who was sitting next to me reading even though I didn't realize until he started laughing)And you seriously inspire me to live a healthier, more natural way of life with every post…so thank you!