I call this the 5 days late, sick mom, rainy day edition.


This kid is awesome. Seriously. She gets more awesome everyday. I was never much of a *kid person* or even a *baby person*… honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted kids or not. But now? I love kids. More specifically: I love my kid. I stare at her in awe and can’t believe I’m a mother to a nine month old. Nine months ago she was born. Nine months before that… well, who knows, but now, its true: she’s mine and she gets better everyday. 
I’m pretty sure I say this every month, but this month has been a huge month for Marlowe. She has learned how to clap. She loves giving high fives. She has started waving *again*. She has TEETH! Not one, but two! Maybe even more, it’s hard to tell. But two for sure 🙂 She has taken her first step. On a daily basis she gathers enough bravery to step between furniture. She pulls up on everything and anything: shelves, walls, couches, people, dogs. She can stand for continuous amounts of time on her own. She has learned to shimmy off the couch on her own. She is a quick baby, and get easily get to where she wants to be.
She loves: FOOD. There is not one thing she hasn’t liked so far, but she still prefers the breast and is primarily breastfed (go mama!). She also loves: Books… way more than toys. Dogs… she chases poor old man Jerry and corners him like he developed a set of milk breasts. Phones, glasses, paper, plastic, lint… and anything else she shouldn’t have. She still is not a napper, or a sleeper… just like her mama. She is still a happy and easy baby. She has got a personality to love and fear. She is bold but shy, adventurous, stubborn, brave, and strong. But more importantly: she is Marlowe and she is awesome.
tank: american apparel. pants: carters brand (most likely a gift set from family). watermelon hair pin: made by me (for tia)

Happy nine months, five days ago. You’ll only be nine months once.


  1. Seriously your baby is so beautiful. I'm 15 weeks pregnant… with my first. I'm so glad to hear that you were not a baby or kid person and that you weren't even sure you wanted kids… but that you lover her so so much. It screams hope to me. This was a planned pregnancy, but I still find myself saying what did I do. Such a huge life change! I'm so bad at change. I hope that mine turns out so beautiful and Happy!

  2. 9 months! 9 months! 9 months! whooo! that pin is adorable, i'd even clip it on hen's bald head. everyone already thinks he's a "she" anyway. happy 9 months pretty little lady!

  3. absolutely GORGEOUS kiddo, and a wonderful update! her current age is such an amazing time, i remember it so well! and you're well on your way to having a walker before her 1st birthday – she's doing all the things poppy did & she was an early walker! which is actually amazing. to me, the walking makes things easier. (; happy 9 months, beautiful marlowe! and happy 9 months of HARD WORK, mama – you are inspiring and i totally admire your dedication to your sweet babe, and making such a healthy, happy life for her.


  4. so cute at 9 months!! love the hair pin you made! it's funny, i was just looking at baby american apparel tanks for my 14 month old son-they look so comfy and cool!

  5. I swear I could just eat her up! Happy 9 months!

    Mine turns 8 months today or is it tomorrow. He was born on Oct 31st so I think that makes it tomorrow technically.

    I love her watermelon 🙂

  6. happy nine months!! i can see such a difference in her face and in her lately. she is changing… into a toddler soon!
    you're doing such a great job mama!

  7. i think that very first picture of her is my favorite yet! she looks so much like a little lady now!

    happy 9 months m!

  8. Happy 9 months! I love this age, full of adventure and discovery. Go you for extended breastfeeding! I never got tired of it. She's so beautiful Drea! Hope you're feeling better. And don't you just love the rainy days here? My girls are sick so it gives me an excuse to snuggle on the couch and listen to the rain. <3

  9. She's sooo cute! Congratulations on everything she's doing!! And also Congrats on the breastfeeding, now wait till it's time to stop! So saddening, haha.

  10. Darling, Darling girl! This was my all time favorite age (my boy is now 14 months.) It just gets more and more fun from here..

  11. happy nine months Marlowe!!

    and drea- you have outdone yourself momma, I absolutely love the watermelon pin. Adriana is going to LOVE IT a thousand times more than I ever could. You have no idea <3 You rock.