Thank you for all the kind words regarding my last post. My grandfather passed away early yesterday morning.  It’s hard knowing a loved one is suffering. So, it’s sad to have him pass, but its calming to know he isn’t in any more pain. We aren’t really having a funeral for him, but more of a small “celebration of life”. I’ve been keeping pretty busy around here— I mean, life is always busy with Marlowe around, but all the extra things going on around us help. Its nice to keep focused on all the amazing positive little things and people around. Also, Marlowe is currently standing and turning around to wave—- this helps too, a lot.

Backyard tomatoes picked right off the plant.
Swimming lessons.
mama’s suit: modcloth
baby’s suit: c/o boden
Big kid status.
My mom is in town— as a bonus, with her mom– from Colombia. 
Sudden downpour making sure every single one of her cloth diapers was unusable. Ok, so many it’s not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it’s a good reminder that little things happen— &it’s okay.
Mangos dropping like flies in my backyard. I can’t keep up.
I decided I wanted to start canning. So I did. I made a huge batch of mango chutney from THIS recipe, then bought cans, then canned. I thought I had failed &the process hadn’t worked, but it totally did. All the lids suctioned into place. Go me. Tada– jars and jars of mango chutney.
Attempts to stand. 
A TV free home once again. I love this. I hated it &never used it. BEFORE. Goodbye black box. Also, painted shelves for Marlowe’s records. So much better isn’t it? Also, little tiny books placed in front of bigger books and records to help distract a little one.

Not so enjoyable:
Look closely top of the fence to the left.
Two possums decided my porch was their new chill zone. Baby + two possums = sleepless nights.

Other enjoyable things: mango ice cream. helping Eric (a tiny bit) around his shop. Eric, in general. wine and board games with friends (last night). my dad decided he no longer wants to call me— and will only Face Time me. an organized desk. My grandma (mom’s mom) telling me stories of the people crowding her space on the plane— in spanish– no english, of course. &so many high fives from Marlowe.

Also, check out my interview for the really awesome blog: milk-friendly. There’s not many things better than boobs. 

grandpa and grandma
love them and miss them. 


  1. @first comes love: I'm very tempted to tell you it's my new underwater iphone app… but it's not. I'm not sure what brand underwater camera it is… it's not mine, its my brothers. I know he got it from costco though! 🙂

  2. love "recently enjoyed things" post. they always give such a look into peoples lives. love it.

  3. I LOVE not having a T.V, it's awesome when people ask you if "you saw bla bla on T.V last night…" & you reply with a big fat NO! I find we get so much more creative stuff done without the distraction of actual crap on a box.

  4. sorry again about your grandfather. i just went through something similar with my grandma. it's hard but in your heart you know they were ready.
    beautiful pictures 🙂

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather.
    I really enjoy looking at your beautiful photos lady! xoxo

  6. girl, your freaking baby is so cute-and growing so fast, holy crap i have been following since before she was here and i can't believe how big she is now!

    also, so jealous-that cloth drying picture with the bike is AWESOME!

  7. Drea, so sorry to hear you grandfather passed but like you said, at least is no longer in pain.
    Your life is so full of life, it's wonderful.
    Will's mom is a HUGE canner. She cans EVERYTHING from her garden basically.
    It's awesome. Congrats!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Your house is so cute.

    I think I'm slow here, but you and Eric are back together? That makes me immensely happy!!

  9. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. The post you wrote the day before touched my heart…to the point where I could not put a written response into words. My dear grandfather, who raised me as his own, passed away one year ago this weekend…on Father's Day, to be exact. We said he waited till his family was all together and with him…as we were planning to spend the day with him. Anyway, I felt very similarly to what you had written about not being able to see him…I reacted the same way…It was very painful for me. My family didn't really understand, and I was given guilt trips over that…to compact the guilt I had already felt…Anyway, I see the family resemblance between you and your grandparents. Blessings to our lost loved ones.

  10. Love your blog! So happy to stumble upon it. 🙂 Keep the awesome pictures coming!

  11. Look at you!!! Homegrown mini-maters and canning?! Pretty awesome, Drea! I bet the chutney tastes fantastic. I'm super envious of a backyard that can support a mango tree!

    Keelin asked me the other day why she couldn't plant a banana tree and I think my explanation of what will and will not grow in central NC wasn't what she was looking for 🙂