(I recommend you listen to The Beach Boys with this post. We’re jamming out over here &it’s pretty awesome)

As mentioned, this was a huge birthday celebration weekend. I didn’t stay very long at the party. I arrived early and left early to try to keep Marlowe’s “nap” schedule on time (aka the quiet time mama hopes she will be napping). I didn’t win a t-shirt, or drink beer, or eat pig brains, and I most certainly did not go down the slide.

This slide was huge. It was a big deal— at 65 feet it was much much larger than my house. I stared it down a few times and said “okay, I’m going to be able to do this….” &after a few others had attempted it, I decided I would try too. My first attempt: I stood at the bottom for the very long time… with a sour face screaming “but I’m scared! my heart is pounding! I’m going to have an anxeity attack!” I built up courage and climbed about half way up, &then I climbed back down (almost no one was looking anyway). I stood at the bottom even longer the second time. Ayden, Cassie’s son arrived, he flew up the slide and down the slide. Piece of cake. I decided to try again. I climbed up the slide, heart racing, panic rising. I stood at the top. I couldn’t just relax and dive in. No matter how many people encouraged or pushed me, I couldn’t let go— my heart raced too much and my fear was too high. I felt defeated and wanted to climb back down. At this point, I was realizing how stupid I was for standing at the top and even debating, these options. Instead of doing the sensible thing and diving head first onto the fun and adventurous path, I chose to take the more difficult (just as high), not enjoyable route, and climbing down griping the side for dear life. I failed. I am normally all for diving in and taking chances, I think you need to be, but with this I couldn’t, my fear had defeated me and I couldn’t just let go like I needed to. 
For a size reference… Kristine in front of the slide.
(yes, this was in their yard)
attempt one.
and two.
standing at the top.
pre pig.
Welp, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
 &hopefully you were all a bit more adventurous than myself!
ps. would you rather eat brain or eyeball? At the party, Eric ate both (from the pig). I could never ever ever ever eat an eyeball, brain maybe, but eyeball? GROSS. 


  1. wow that slide looks like so much fun. i would like to think i would have been able to go down it but i probably would have chickened out too.