Our mornings in Massachusetts started with a baby waking on top of me. We made it about half way through each night in the pack and play my step sister had graciously lent us. Then about three in the morning (or earlier or later) miss Marlowe would join me in the bed (aka refuse to go back into the play pen). When she woke up she would then be changed and brought downstairs to enjoy some breakfast with grandma (abuela) while I showered and joined them not long after.
baby and abuela would pick fresh flowers for the kitchen.
The days I enjoyed the most just involving cooking and being outside.
The first full day there was filled with little cooking and many visitors. Mamas and lots of babies.
My step sisters three: ben. adeline. &sofia. (Happy breast-feeding week!)

I made a chickpea salad and my mom prepped many delicious things to go along with it.
we grilled bread and made sandwiches.

The day was nice. The food was easy and enjoyable to prepare with my mom (while she anxiously moved things from one spot to the next around the kitchen). Seeing friends and family was great. I loved sitting Marlowe in real grass— soft grass and not the sharp, rough blades that we have here. The rest of this day was spent lying around, comfortable and happy while grumbling and moaning about wanting to do nothing. Everyday, minus the last, the weather had been beautiful. I am very thankful for that.


  1. i owe you an email- and these pictures are lovely. and i know i've said this but i want marlowe's eyelashes.

  2. you're surrounds are so beautiful.. and i see a very pretty resemblance between mommy you and baby!

    glad you had a much need vacation!


  3. This is completely off topic but I have been wondering for awhile so here goes…

    I am just wondering what you do for a living that allows you so much free time to spend at home taking care of little Marlowe. You're so lucky! I don't know if you've mentioned it before but I only ask out of innocent curiosity and a hit of jealousy. :p

    Take care.

  4. Mom's cooking looks amazing! I see that giant basil plant in that lovely pot there, wow! Wish mine would get that big.

  5. I love how the whole family looks alike- dark skin and hair <3 beautiful.