Is there anyone who really loves surprises? If there is, please come forward. I’d love to hear why you’re a wacko. I’m kidding…. I *think* *maybe* I can understand why some people might enjoy them. For me, I hate not knowing what’s going on, I hate suspense, and I hate not being in control. After my trip to Massachusetts there was an unanimous decision between all parties involved that no one will ever ever ever attempt to surprise me again. It is certain, it is more work than it worth.

My mom had told me the (not very disappointing) news that we would not be traveling to Maine on Saturday, but instead we would be homebound because she had to pick up “family” from the train station. So instead of going out of town my mother and step-father toted Marlowe and I around to friends homes, scenic Worcester (“let me take a picture of you and Marlowe there! take a picture of me and marlowe!”), and to try to buy vintage Raybans from some strangers house (don’t ask). My morning was ridiculous. I was all dressed up with a cranky baby, and no where to go. After much car sickness, and the final straw: Marlowe beginning to cry, while heading to the supermarket, and finding out the train had been delayed: I had had it. My mom offered to take Marlowe and I home while she went to the station by herself. I fed a cranky and tired baby and put her down for a nap. I then took off my pretty dress, slipped into pjs and put a cranky mama down for a (very rare) nap. Then what do you know… about twenty minutes later, I wake up to a surprise standing my doorway.

This was my face all morning. I was not impressed. The crazy stranger Rayban lady was not home and Belmont tower is only impressive once, maybe twice.
 (It is pretty beautiful though)
Worcester hills. 
dress: anthropologie. shoes: nordstrom.
The dress was a christmas gift from my mom 2 years ago. I never got to wear it cause it was cold…. then I was pregnant. You better believe, post baby, I sucked in my gut as tight as I could to get this lovely thing on me.
 baby dress c/o: starbugaloo baby bow c/o: up a tree cup a tea
I know, my mom is the prettiest. 
So the surprise? Alex, Marlowe’s father had taken about five hours worth of trains to show up in Worcester that morning. I may or may not have mentioned some of his small recent attempts to mend our situation. And even though he knows my despise for surprises, he knew this would be a pretty good way to further show me that he is sincere in his feelings. In my recent frustrations (read: do not hide things from me in order to surprise me) of not knowing what the hell was going on I had started to ignore his calls the evening and morning prior to his arrival. I was convinced and angry that he was not taking my seriously when I told him to back off because he was only bringing me insecurity. Well, I was right, he wasn’t taking me seriously, but only because he knew (and my family knew) it would only be a few hours until I took him a bit more seriously when he told me to “relax” about any insecurities. Does any of this make sense? I don’t know.

Regardless of my surprise-hate, it turned out to be a nice and needed surprise. We went blueberry picking (M loves blueberries) (alex “yelled” at me for taking pictures), I bought a ridiculous (adorable) hat, and we went out for cocktails together for the first time in a very very long time. It was fantastic, but seriously people, don’t try to surprise me again.

I now know: what you nap in is important. We should all maybe even consider wearing nice dresses to sleep, because you never know what could happen. What if Oprah starts banging on your door and breaks in or something? You most definitely don’t want to look like a hot mess!
ps. My computer doesn’t recognize the word “Oprah”…. really?


  1. I only like surprises when they are completely and totally a SURPRISE- no changes in normal events leading up to or surrounding the surprise, no forced rescheduling with a lame excuse, etc. If someone tells me "I have a surprise…" but then I have to wait; I just hate it.

  2. Hello, I've just come over here from tales of me and husband (I loved your guest post). Your situation with Marlowe's father sounds bloody hard. On the upside, that is an unreal anthropologie dress. It looks as though you're doing a great job as a Mum. Kellie xx

  3. I have to agree with Huddyma – surprises suck when someone tells you they have a surprise. Otherwise they can be pretty fun.

    I don't know whether to laugh or be scared that there's a place called "Dead Horse Hill."

  4. My cousins used to love to surprise visit me and my best friend sometimes pretends she isn't coming home for Christmas this year "but oh, you have to go to my house to pick up your gift" and all. I usually figure out people are trying to trick me, but it's endearing to know they A) want to see me and B) know how much I like them and trust that I won't harm them after my heart stops beating all quickly.

    Hope he continues the efforts. A++ if he does.

  5. I absolutely HATE surprises. Everyone who knows me, knows better. Buuut, all is well that ends well. :]

  6. I dont know if I like surprises.. I say no, because typically the people that have managed to surprise me, surprised me with things that I was NOT happy about. Like, say, a man I had been on two dates with and wasnt really that into.. proposing to me in front of 400 of our friends, family and church goers + broadcasted worldwide.
    Stuff like that. Not into it.

  7. I really really hate surprises if I have to anticipate something happening.. But yeah.. If they are perfect.. Bring them on.. Not sure if that has ever happened before.

    I am really really happy for you! and I want those shoes!!


  8. I hate surprises unless it is an actual surprise! An actual surprise is when I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about said surprise. Not "I have a surprise for you later today" or "I can't tell you, it's a surprise!" THAT IS NOT A SURPRISE people.

  9. He YELLED at you for taking photos? Lamesauce. At least you looked adorbs in the dress!

  10. Hubbs planned a surprise birthday dinner out with a bunch of my friends two weeks ago- it was a fun surprise but if he could have said- maybe throw on some mascara and a cuter outfit that would have been VERY helpful! BUt NO i showed up slightly sweaty since I had just pushed 70 lbs worth of stroller for over an hour. Lovely.

  11. I was trying decide if I liked or hated surprises and realized I dont actually know. I can't remember the last time someone tried to surprise me with anything.

    I do like your take on what you should wear while napping. 🙂

  12. My husband surprised me after a long deployment one time. My brother and sister-in-law knew and let me eat half a pizza, in my pajamas, with no make-up on the night he showed up at the front door. Nice surprise, but a little warning would've been helpful.

  13. I feel your pain. My husband knows better than to surprise me with anything, which includes dinner, books, electronics, etc. I'm too picky to be happy when he picks something out for me.
    On a side note, your entry today had me cracking up. Thank you for the laugh 🙂


  14. I'm the same way. Once my hubby thought it would be a good idea to have a surprise b-day party for me with my family. I had specifically requested that we just go out the two of us for various reasons. I ended up being really sick the day of the "surprise" party too and stuck sitting there with everyone….I wanted to kill him! :0

  15. I hate surprises too- Unless they are PERFECTLY planned. They never are- so I hate them.
    I would rather know EXACTLY what is going on and when. Ugh!

  16. I have to admit, I kind of like surprises. My only problem is that my husband #1 rarely does suprises and #2 is SO rubbish at keeping them that I ended up working it out for myself and ruining the surprise. I love planning them for others but I'll be sure never to plan one for you… unless its a pizza & beer delivery right?