I’ve heard so many mother’s say: “every age so far has been my new favorite!” Errrr…. not for me. I don’t feel bad stating there were stages (plural) I really did not enjoy. Four months? Not a huge fan. She wasn’t yet mobile, she was teething like crazy, &I felt like a bad mom if I wasn’t holding or entertaining her 100% of the time. It was tough. Newborn stage? Eh. I never really cared much for babies (I had no desire to have kids— sorry, it’s true)… I loved her with all my heart, but her newborn stage just wasn’t something I was into. But right now? I love. This is so far my favorite. The past two months… where she has been very mobile, and very curious, but not yet old enough to fully tantrum (there are only tiny tantrums here and there), has been lovely! She loves me and needs me but feels independent enough to explore our home on her own. She’s so much fun, full of life, and her personality is really starting to shine through. It’s been great… and I will be sad when she outgrows this little stage of hers. That’s not to say, I’m not looking forward to future stages… cause I am (many of them), but I am sad to know I’ll never get this one back.

Marlowe &Ebba. Ebba was around Marlowe’s age when I get pregnant. I remember loving this age for her too! Yes, Christine and I have some gorgeous little girls. 
What are your favorite baby and children ages and stages? Are there any you didn’t care for? Should I be dreading or looking forward to certain ones? 
Ps. It’s safe to call my kid a toddler now, isn’t it? She doesn’t ever crawl and has learned how to climb into kitchen cabinets, open the trash can, and the toilet. That’s totally toddler status, isn’t it?
oh dear.


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog and I don't usually comment on blogs, but I love your honesty. I have a 15 month old and the first 4 months of her life were the longest months of my life!! I don't miss them and I am nervous to have another baby because of them!

  2. i'm not a fan of the newborn-stage…i guess i love sleeping too much 🙂
    my favourite stage was 12-24 months and now 4 years.
    i don't care for all the tantrums that much {which happened A LOT from 2-3}, but the 4 year olds: great talkers&full of imagination, opinion and independence…LOVE it!

  3. Marlowe is at such a sweet stage right now, I am loving where Luna is at right now too, 18 months. She is really independent and has her opinions but doesn't really throw temper tantrums. She reads books and makes messes all over the place but is really sweet and happy. Unlike her big bro Niko, he is 3 and can be really aggressive sometimes. He has his sweet moments but is a tough customers most days. I'm hoping he grows out of it soon, sometimes he hurts my feelings when he's mean but then realize he's just a bratty kid. lol.

  4. She is so stinkin' cuttte! Really though, she has a very true beauty for being a little one.

    Anyway, my favorite stage is now, about 1 1/2. I remember I really started loving 7-8 months old for her. Now, at 17 months, she's so independent but loves to cuddle when she wants. She can tell me everything she wants and she's so hilarious. They start getting these expressions and the things they say will literally make you laugh out loud. It's like a new little friend to have by your side

  5. I loved the newborn stage, toddlerhood & age ten. At three months my daughter was quite fussy, at three years old she was so headstrong & at nine well some sort of shift happened that took us a while to figure out.

    It's pretty crazy to look back on all the stages. I cannot believe I have a ten year old, I swear I just had her not to long ago.

  6. i don't like the newborn stage either. oh, and four years old sucks. kids are bratty and stubborn. that's all there is to it. i used to blame bratty kids on bad parenting, and then i had gage. i think i'm a good parent, but something switched right after his third birthday, and he's been kind of difficult to live with since then. i still love him, but, well, he's taught me to take one day at a time.

    but i absolutely loved around 9 months until two years old. so much fun!

  7. oh girl, wait tills she hits three….that's the first time I saw a "tantrum"….. throw myself on the ground in a store yelling fit tantrum.

    good times. good times.

    honestly, i'll take any stage. there's always good with the bad!!!!

  8. I love how real and honest you are…To be be honest back, I am one of those mom's that loves almost every stage even if the kid is being bratty..My son will be three in October. I think this has been one of my favorite stages, 2-2.5 years, they are hilarious, he has always been a talker so he tells us these random things, and oh the looks on his face and his expressions are priceless…I do love new borns too…Were due with our second son a week after our first turns three! yeahhhh!

  9. Your TODDLER is so pretty.
    My daughter is almost 10 months old and I have to say this is my favorite stage ever. Amelia is awake and happy, she talks by herself, gets entertained with everything and finds me hilarious. I love spending time with her.

  10. preschool age is the worst! Yes they can talk and express their feelings and it can be funny but again they can talk and express their feelings! talking back and being beyond stubborn starts

  11. I loved that age too, I definitely miss it! 12-18 months were some of my favorite times. They are still sweet and not too tantrumy but funny and opinionated and dependent enough to make you feel needed and wanted. My daughter is now almost 24 months and this is the hardest stage by far. She is the most perfect child I could imagine one minute and the next an absolute devil. We're getting through it slowly but surely. I already see the light at the end of the tunnel and it has only last a few months.

  12. i was just having this conversation with my mom the other day — how there were stages that i didn't like. nine months was TOUGH for me because my little one had a HUGE sleep regression. i am just not a person who can function on little sleep.

    newborn was tough in it's own way, too. i think it's different for each baby though — some newborns are so easy with sleep and eating, but my little one hated her car seat and so she wasn't very portable. we hardly left the house. there were lots of parts that i loved though, it's kind of a big mish mash.

    but i am LOVING one. it's super great.

    and i totally agree that once they walk they are totally toddlers. especially because that is when they start to really thin out and look the part.

  13. I didn't love the newborn stage while I was going through it but now, I miss it. I wish instead of being terrified the entire time, that I took the time to just look at her and hold her. I didn't know how quickly she'd go from sleeping peacefully on my chest to wanting to look around and be involved in EVERYTHING!

    Months 2 and 3 were okay but I absolutely love month 4 because she seems to have moved out of her fussy phase and is just so intrigued by everything. I can actually take her out in public without her having a meltdown.

    I'm definitely looking forward to when she can crawl and walk so we can interact a bit more.

  14. i HATE the newborn phase too! my daughter just turned 7 months and she's just barely starting to get interactive enough for me to truly enjoy her. I think that from like 9 to 18months will probably be my favorite time.

  15. i'm definitely one of those people who says that i love each stage the best! i think it's because i feel like it has just gotten better, and i didn't realize how much more fun it was going to get until each month would go by. i thought i loved the crawling stage, but i was just saying last night how i couldn't imagine going back to that now that natalie is walking. it's so much more fun! and it feels easier somehow, too. i think so far hitting a year old has been the best milestone, these past few months have felt like so much fun, and the cuteness factor is in overload now that natalie can do some talking. but, the tantrums definitely add a good dose of the negative to all that cuteness–i think mother nature has to find something to balance out the adorable.

  16. Ah, I'm so not looking forward to going through the newborn stages with my soon-to-be. Its a horrible thing to admit, but I so wish we could just fast forward 6 months and start there.

  17. i don't have kids, but i vote that she's a toddler. and a mighty cute one at that!

  18. Personally the newborn stage is my fave. They sleep all the time and their so little and cute, but I totally get why some people don't like that stage with the sleep deprivation.

    12 months was good because my boys could walk (no more carrying them around), but they were still little enough that I could snatch them up if I had to. They also were done with bottles/formula/baby food.

    I'm really liking 2 and half right now. My son is potty trained and really independent and says the cutest/funniest things (today he told me he's a big boy bc he wears undies!) The tantrums are so frustrating though.

    I guess every stage has positives and negatives.

  19. ages 2-4ish were my favorite. the giggles, the facial expressions, all the cool stuff they catch onto. Lance LOVES this stage he is in now, b/c he can do a lot more on his own and he's really into football and sports so its really cool to see them figuring themselves out and see what they are into. So far Ayden is a baseball playing-football watching-star wars loving-music making-Kind of a kid….This is probably my second favorite stage he's had so far (although I could do without the talking back and comments under his breath……)

  20. I loved the newborn phase but the other day, holding my newborn nephew, I realised something; I'm not ready to deal with that phase just yet.

    It was lovely to hold him and get my fill of fresh baby smell…but having a newborn was crazy and although I have my special and lovely memories from that time it wasn't as half as how great things are now.

  21. I think 9 months – 18 months were my favorite stages with my son. He was walking and starting to talk and I just love watching all the learning he did.

    My daughter is a month old and I do agree the newborn stage isn't my favorite either. I mean yeah she is super cute and a wonderful little person, but I like it when they can interact with you more 🙂

  22. marlowe can be a toddler. and i def. do love the newborn phase but part of me wonders, "do i feel like i HAVE to say i love it or else i'll feel bad?"

    being a mom is like one super guilt trip- stupid.