The time is coming…. not yet.. but soon…. where all my beach posts will make the northerners jealous. Right now, all of you cold weather folk are enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather, cozy cardigans and booties, while sipping on hot pumpkin spiced coffees, and could careless about the weather I’m starting to enjoy. But SOON my time will come where: I will no longer have to let the AC in my car run for five minutes before strapping my child in her seat, I will be able to stop running the AC in my house, and not sweat in the kitchen, and I will be enjoying the nice fall and winter breeze at the beach…. and I will not be picking the ice of my windshield or laying salt on every walkway. It will be my summer. &I cannot wait. 😉 Family beach trips and outings have been happening more around here… and boy oh boy has it been nice. This was the outing that started the whole staycation-getaway…. one hour at the beach and we were all vacation crazed and booking a room. Oh yessss…. (many) more lovely weather outings are heading in the direction of Marlowe and I!

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂
*Eeep.  This post reminded me of Marlowe’s first beach day. She was SO TINY! I can’t even stand it. She’s growing so fast! 


  1. mr valdez and mrs valdez:

    Camera: panasonic G410? does that sound right. It's one in the morning and I don't want to get out of bed to check 😉 but I will be posting this on a new "FAQ" section coming soon! It has been asked a lot 🙂
    No idea about the lens.
    setting? Automatic, but I usually change the light settings, to pump up the light.

    I do not have a photo editing program, other than iphoto. If I edit my photos I sometimes tweek the exposure or the saturation, bringing both the levels up a little bit.

    The last photo has a filter through instagram, but thats pretty much the most photo editing that takes place 🙂

  2. questions you have probably answered a thousand times:

    what camera do you use? what lens? and what setting do you generally shoot on?

    also, any editing.

    ALSO _ LOVE YOUR SWIMMING SUIT> the color is wonderful!

  3. We had a beach day today (first one since the spring!) and I'm SO EXCITED that the weather is starting to change. Pretty soon I can go outside and enjoy it, and we can start going to the beach again. I'm so over the heat.

  4. LOVE yours and Marlowe's suits! They're both so cute! I've been looking for a cute, non Mom-ish, one piece suit all summer and wish I found one like yours!

  5. These pics look kinda retro so it made me think one day you guys/Marlowe will look back at this time in your lives and say 'this is when mommy and daddy fell back in love'. PS- Your bathing suit is cute!

  6. you're such a hot mama, i'm so jealous! i love the colour of your bathing suit, and marlowe looks adorable too 🙂 these are some cute photos!

  7. my family goes to pensacola for the air show every november, and i LOVE the weather in florida at that time of year. i wish i could live somewhere that felt like that year round.