(sweater from tiny fox vintage)
Is it fall yet? It’s been nothing but heat, humidity, and rain in these parts and I’m dying for some cooler weather! We still have the AC on and the fans running 24/7. I’m looking forward to the days where I can have the windows open and a nice cool breeze coming in! 
Marlowe’s father has officially moved out of the Northeast and into South Florida. Not many changes have come from it— which could be looked at as a good or bad thing. I’ll go with “good”. It’s interesting to no longer make every decision for M on my own and actually plan things— like her birthday party, with her father. I guess, thats the biggest adjustment for us (most specifically: me). I’ve grown so accustomed to doing everything without him that it has been difficult for me to make room for him in my life. Things like this take time, but will most likely (and hopefully) get better sooner rather than later. 
Speaking of Marlowe’s birthday… I’ve finally decided on a small (very small) “party” for her. Nothing crazy, but it should be a nice little event for mostly family. Her birthday falls on a weekend anyway— so I really have no excuse. 🙂
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Well, its time for me to get back to work while Marlowe naps (YES, NAPS! She has everyday this week!) Diet Water posts will return shortly. I plan on posting my mother’s vegan paella recipe next week and hopefully with Marlowe’s father, Alex around there will be even more food and bread baking to look forward to. *crosses fingers*. 
Happy September everyone! If you’re lucky enough to have the cool fall weather already, enjoy it! M and I will be inside, with the AC on, pretending it’s nice and cool outside 😉
(sweater: tiny fox vintage)
(t-shirt c/o: barley & birch)

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