Well, this was M and I last year for Halloween.
This year it will be much of the same. Except that: I wont be dressed up, Marlowe will be much larger, and Michelle will be here. We plan on sitting on the couch, dancing to some halloween tunes (see below) and drinking pumpkin beer. I’m pretty obsessed with Halloween (Michelle too), but this year it just seemed more work than it was worth. There aren’t many options in this town except going out to Moonfest, which is fun, but requires a lot of time and patience…. or there’s house parties, which I’m not going to lie: most of the time, I kinda hate. Instead of trying to find costumes, a baby sitter, parking, and deal with obnoxious drunk people, Michelle and I have opted for an easier option which we are both looking forward to. Next year will be a bit different with M actually being (somewhat) of trick or treating age… not that she’s going to be able to eat the candy anyway (we have other ideas for what to do with the candy that will make Halloween equally as enjoyable for her).
Anyway, here are some pictures from past halloweens and a little Halloween playlist I made too!
2009. rocky without my bullwinkle (*ahem* alex) and nicole as a greek goddess. 
daisy duck costumedaisy duck costume
2008. daisy duck and bob dylan.
2007. some sort of last minute halloween fairy thing with my big gay mario. (he’s actually gay, I can call him that. I love you mikeull)
2006. minnie mouse. I often times repeat this one. 
2005. a very cold and tired smurfette in new york city after a phil lesh concert. (you can call me a hippie for that one)
2004. a cowgirl, in college, when I had GREAT taste in beer :/
 Happy halloween everyone!


  1. Love, love, love that picture from last year. And I absolutely am in love with your long hair.

  2. ahaha, i love your past costumes
    i'm feeling lazy about halloween this year too, sometimes house parties are just too much

  3. I agree, the long hair and highlights threw me off haha, but I LOVE the costumes, and the trip down memory lane. Happy Halloween and enjoy your ghoulish evening! Muahahaha (evil laugh).