When you acquire an over abundance of greens, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and edible flowers from a farm it happens to be an excellent time to make an extraordinarily delicious salad.
an excessive amount of florida avocados.
a baby learns to climb on the bed….. and hangs out there.
Marlowe’s first taste from a fruit loop tree. (there’s another name for this tree… it’s escaping me right now, but 99% of the time I’ve heard farmers refer to it as a fruit loop tree. It’s a tree with tiny (blueberry sized) berries that have the taste and graininess of a fruit loop)
rainy days.
indian dinner dates while my boyfriend, michelle, knits.

my other date, refusing to nap.

dance parties that tire a baby out and turn into hug parties.
pizza for breakfast.
time for pesto making.
sleeping in an extra hour and waking up to pancakes. Then instagram-ing them…. of course.


  1. this is the first comment i've left you and it's one i'm quite excited about.

    your blog has IN A LARGE WAY inspired the feeling that changing in such a huge way is possible. i spent this morning going through your diet waters and i feel impressed to tell you that you're a big reason why

    JUST. TODAY. (and a little bit of last night too) we have decided to become vegan. this is coming from two people who eat potato chips, (stopped eating meat a while ago), cake, ice cream, more chips, cheeeeeese, bread, mayo, all of the worst stuff. and we're going to start raising our 9 month old daughter this way as well.

    i want to thank you for sharing what has worked for you, your recipes, inspiring me with photos of what little marlowe eats (it's almost unbelievable), making this all look possible. we probably wouldn't be making one of the biggest decisions ever (we see it that way) if it weren't for you and this blog.

    thank you thank you thank you.

  2. vegan living interests me…the food you eat is so healthy and delicious looking!