Last post I had been asked about Marlowe’s snacks… a snack for M is typically fruit (whatever is in season), crackers, steamed veggies, whole wheat bread, raisins, sometimes stove topped popcorn, or a special treat: tings.


On to some meals…
mama: leftover indian, rice, avocado, cilantro tops. baby: rice, corn, peas (they are under there I swear), avocado, cilantro tops.
baby: steamed tofu, rice noodles, squash, peas, cucumber, mushrooms, onion. mama: same with ginger garlic tofu, and soy sauce. This was one of those “what the hell do I make?” nights.
spending the day with one of her grandmas. really quick and weird stir-fry dish I made her (rice noodles, mushrooms, corn, peas, broccoli), cucumber, two pieces of garlic ginger tofu. SNACKS! shredded cereal, wheat crackers, teddy grahams (this is the most sugary –non fruit– snack she gets…. and it’s still only about one/one and a half gram(s) of sugar for all those ^^), raisins. mini chickpea patties, a pear, and if all else fails: an organic squishy pack.
taco night for mama. beans cooked with garlic, onion, peppers, and tons of spices. guacamole and tomatillo cilantro salsa.
taco night for baby— no salsa.
baked beans on toast.
veggie calzone. (my first attempt, they weren’t so bad!) stuffed with: red sauce, squash, mushrooms, garlic, onion, herbs.
leftover baked beans, mashed potatoes, and southern style kale (I could not keep her away from the kale).


  1. Oh I love this feature! Since I cook mostly veggie in my house it's always fun to have some inspiration. Aren't mini meals the cutest thing ever?

  2. Will you please come cook for me? This all looks INCREDIBLE! 🙂

  3. you are so inspiring with your meals (and i'm not even a vegan!). i'm especially impressed and interested in the healthy meals that you serve marlowe. i have a 9 month old and my biggest challenge is finding the time to cook. she loves to be in the kitchen with me- right under my feet – which makes things difficult! i'd love it if you would share your tips for when and how you find the time to make these lovely meals. I am just no good at time management… case in point: right now I should be making some food instead of reading your blog ; )

  4. We love all of the above! Do you have a good recipe for the baked beans? My seven-year old LOVES kale. She can eat a whole bunch stir-fried or baked into kale chips all by herself :0

  5. I TOTALLY admire how original you are with all of your meals…I need to be more like that. I can't fix anything without a cookbook!

    I need to be more creative because it's a lot more cost-effective. I have 3 months to get it together (that's when I will introduce table food to Naja).


  6. I am really enjoying this feature. I have about two months before my daughter can be introduced to any solids and I am definitely taking notes. 🙂