Because sometimes you need to make your toast into a sandwich… 
tempeh bacon, cherry tomatoes, veganiese (spelling? meh), greens, salt and pepper. 

And with heirlooms and avocado —> extra yum.

M and I were sick with a 24 hour bug or food poisoning or something this past weekend… not sure with what. I’m a bit behind on life. Catching up! Welp, I’m off to make THIS SOUP right now! My mouth and stomach CANNOT WAIT.

Happy tuesday! I hope yours was more productive than mine! <3<3


  1. BLTs are my favorite.. I usually have turkey bacon but I'm always up for trying something new. 🙂

    I've been a follower-from-afar of yours for a while. Marlowe is just too cute! Thanks for your honesty in your posts!

  2. blegh, i'm sorry to hear you were sick! i hope you're feeling better and all caught up today.

    if you aren't terribly busy, could you tell me what brand of tempeh bacon you use or how you make your own?

    thanks for the great blog! i've been using your recipes any time i feel like cooking something new for the past four months.

    • I'm in bed… and I don't plan on getting out of it for another 6.5 hours (it's 1 am) but it's the one in the long package.. I'm not sure of the brand but they make a soy, flax, rice, and a few different ones. It's a brownish/brick red packaging. They sell it at whole foods, but not the reg. grocery store near me! I don't buy it often.. improbably has a lot of sodium.. but it's a good mix up every once in a while 🙂