Call me crazy, but sometimes a one hour drive to a market is needed. Especially when that market has the best (the only!?) raw, vegan, cashew milkshakes in the world. One of my friends/roommates in college and I used to play a game of asking each other “what would you do with **million dollars?”, every time we passed the highway billboard, on our drive into Providence. Well, you know what I would do? One. buy a house for me and my little (and decorate it all kinds of awesome). Two. Fill it with cashew milkshakes. (No, this whole post isn’t about milkshakes… though it could be, because yes, I drove down to Miami specifically for milkshakes. Sometimes you just have to do those things).
Last saturday was nice. I like Miami a lot. A lot, a lot. We spent a bit of time at the market and spent the rest of the day walking around South Beach. Marlowe was gifted a vintage beaded necklace… which I ended up wearing (and it is now sitting on my desk in a million pieces). I purchased my delicious honey, and left regretting the fact that I did not purchase an incredible body scrub we were all forced to try. All in all, it was a pretty good day and I am looking forward to heading back there soon. While, I would love to live there, I wouldn’t be able to get past my hate for Miami traffic… soooo… for now, I’m pretty satisfied to have such a great place to explore and reconnect in, only one hour away.
healthy doll baby.
I’m not sure what this weekend has in store for little M and I. It’s currently friday night and I’m in the process of getting ready to go out on a lady date. Alex has Marlowe. The new thing is Tuesdays and Fridays. And currently? It’s kinda bumming me out. I know she’s fine and happy… and whatever else.. but the little one has been super clingy and cuddly lately and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I know it’s partially my hormones and whatever else (sometimes it’s hard being a lady), but gee I miss her. I even cried a bit (sobbed like a baby) this morning when she left. She returns tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to doing nothing, everything, or a little of both this weekend… just as long as it involves lots of cuddles.
Happy weekend, everyone and happy Mother’s day to all your moms and moms to be out there!
Hope you get lots of extra hugs and kisses!


  1. One time my husband and I drove 3 hours to Chicago to get a really good vegan meal at The Chicago Diner. Sometimes us vegans gotta do what we gotta do!

  2. you were right by our place hanging at 1111. you can see our building from there. ha! come visit us soon. we are home. for now. xo

  3. I adore cashews, a cashew milkshake sounds WONDERFUL. I must find one in DC! And I've met one of the owners of Scout, it's a wonderful company and I love their products!

  4. I constantly want to magically jump inside any and all of your photos. I think you are doing a steller job as a blogger, and an even better job as a mom. So thank you. : )

  5. I despise your lovely words in your review.
    This has resulted in me already buying one from just seeing how good you look with one, and the review.
    I'll take this with me and use it as a purse until the need for the cooler comes.