(vegan) cream cheese, miami-made orange blossom honey, the tiniest sprinkling of salt.

This was just what I needed on Monday morning. A fresh loaf of bread, a few delicious drops of honey, and the most amazing cashew milkshake from my favorite Miami farm. It eased my sore throat and made my emotional day on Sunday, feel like a distant, not-so-bad memory.

Yes, honey, its honey. No, I guess by strict vegan standards, this isn’t vegan. I’ve always been okay with honey in things (breads mostly), but I never actually use or buy honey… not because it’s not vegan, but because it’s a bit too sweet for my liking. I’m not sure what inspired this honey kick that I’ve discovered myself on, but I’m digging it. I went down to my favorite miami market on saturday and tasted a handful of local varieties and decided this orange blossom honey was just perfect. About veganism, I’ve never been super strict about it, and I’ve never been pushy about it. I do what I can when I can. It’s hard to exactly call myself a strict vegan given the fact that I still own a bit of leather… and I have no idea what was in the deodorant I use (was using).  Either way, vegan or not, I think it’s always good to truly look at the food in front of you and take appreciation in the work that went into getting there. Honey is a little bit magical.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Alex and I are taking turns watching M today. Since the both of them are sharing a little bug and I’m doing my best to fight fight fight it away. <3

ps. my internet is down. I’ll be back to reply to emails and comments and other things as soon as I can 😉


  1. I'm vegan too but not a strict one. I am okay with honey and as you said, I also try to make the best possible choices for what I have. I like to call it, I'm mostly vegan but sometimes vegetarian! 🙂

  2. I love your "Things on Toast" feature. All are super simple but super yummy. I like simplicity in my food. I don't let when it gets complicated with so many ingredients.

    • I so agree. food doesn't need to be over the top and excessive to be a million times delicious.

  3. Yum. I wish it was easier to get fake-cheese products in the UK, because that looks reeeaally good. My husband and I like to call ourselves 'part-time vegans' – we eat very little dairy and only the occasional 'hidden egg', it's usually only when we're out that we're less strict about it. I full on support veganism, but I never did get the honey thing. It wouldn't be something I felt compelled to give up, even if I did 100% cut dairy out. Glad to know other people feel the same!

    Rosie xx
    Just Listen

    • I could totally live without fake cheese… but fake cream cheese? I can't live without it. It's so good.

  4. That looks great! I stopped eating honey when I became vegan, but it's such a pain in the ass sometimes: my favorite flatbread, for instance, is sweetened with honey, and yeah, a LOT of bread is made with it. I am not a huge fan of honey because I am not a huge fan of bees (shudder), but if I started eating it again it would go a long way to making my husband stop thinking I was a crazy vegan 😛

  5. we're the same way with honey! we buy bread with honey in it but to fulfill our honey needs, we buy imitation honey which, for some reason, we like more than the real stuff. but we'd still eat the real stuff if that wasn't the case. this was a great post, actually. i was just explaining to a friend that we refer to ourselves as "vegan" to quickly explain our eating habits but we aren't truly vegan because we buy non-vegan shampoos, etc, etc. It's nice to know the main source of inspiration for me (you/your blog) isn't the strictest out there just like my family 🙂