Eeeeee! Looky looky! How sweet are my new little business cards?! I am in love with them. I literally squealed with joy when I opened up the shipping package! I’m going to hand them out and be like “look, I’m not a player, I just blog a lot”… or something… you know, once I get the courage to actually do that with strangers. hehe. I have to say, I have gotten a hell of a lot better with my shyness, so we’ll see 🙂  Eeeep. I’m in love (IN LOVE) with my cards. 
In case you’re wondering who designed these cards… it was the oh so very talented Kadie of Henry James Paper Goods. She specializes in children’s nursery arts and prints. When she contacted me about sponsorship, I took one look at her work and I just had to ask to see if she could create something special for me. I’m so so happy she did. Perfection. 

&&& THANK YOU for all your votes! Holy cow guys! You’re amazing! Thank you 🙂

&&&The winner for the Swimspot giveaway is Jessica (little lady of mine)! Congrats! We will be contacting you shortly 😉


  1. I live them Drea! So cute, so you! I Lived them do much I emailed her about doing some for my personal business! I bet she's swamped now.;)

  2. very cool cards. vintage-esque 🙂 primary colors work every time. and we've been thinkin' on cards as well. gonna have to check out H.J.P.G.

  3. p.s. meant to email you….any news on the house?? if you posted something about it and i missed it i apologize. crazy crazy round here 😉

  4. Oh my gosh!! Ahhhh, I cant believe I won! I just did the happy dance twice (and woke up my daughter in the process!) I feel like a celebrity now haha! Thank you so much for this giveaway, I've never won before!

    Your cards are amazing, and you should definitely make sure you say your blog line when you hand them out! So cute!