Despite the heat, we’ve been spending our fair share of time outdoors, exploring gardens. And despite: the sweat, heat rashes, and bug bites, it’s been a really wonderful and fantastic time.  Last weekend was especially filled with wonderful, hot outdoor time. Again, we (I) debated about possibly packing up Marlowe and heading south to Miami, but then at the last minute, didn’t go. Luckily, new last minute amazing plans came to the rescue. Saturday we went for a longer walk around town, headed to an outdoor lunch with a friend, and then I parked at the art museum, placed Marlowe in a stroller and walked along the inter coastal hoping to get a nap out of her. The ocean breeze (and previous long walk) did just the trick. It was perfect: just enough time for our friend to meet us on her bike. We walked around the museum and then decided to take another quick walk along the inter-coastal to find the sculpture gardens. Marlowe woke up just in time, we ditched the stroller in a tree (the gardens were empty) and explored. I found the most amazing hidden little key. I have no idea how old it is, but it’s OLD. 
On Sunday, we made a second attempt at the Morikami Gardens. A friend and I made this attempt last Memorial Day, but the museum was closed, and Marlowe wanted nothing to do with restrained walks. Who would… when running around in beautiful outdoor spaces is so much better? Well, the second try went much, much better. The gardens were much more beautiful than I remember them to be and the weather was actually very nice and breezy. Marlowe enjoyed picking up rocks from the path and leaving them in other sections of the path. And like at the zoo, she’s a big big fan of feeding the animals. We then had lunch outside and took the long ocean side drive home so that Marlowe could nap.  
The weekend ended with both friends simultaneously texting to kindly invite me to dinner with them, because well… it is (or was) the beginning of restaurant week after all. A tired Marlowe stayed home with my sister-in-law and I was able to have a three hour adult time break (time to sit down!). It was a great way to end a really great weekend. I love it when plans and timing work out so easily with wonderful people 🙂


  1. This makes me miss Florida A TON. Such a beautiful state. Lovely pictures 🙂

  2. Beautiful. I just discovered your blog through my friend Maryam (@milkfriendly.) Your daughter is adorable (I have only boys–four of them. ;)) Enjoy her and all of her girly-ness for me.

  3. Very sweet. Just visiting your blog, heard of you from my friend Maryam @Milkfriendly. Your daughter is precious (I have four boys only. :)) Keep enjoying her and all her girly-ness for me. 🙂

  4. I grew up in South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) and made many trips to Miami but I have yet to go to Morikami Gardens. I'm flowing home next week and I might make a trip if it's not too hot. Loved seeing all of your photos!

  5. I miss the great Florida outdoors! I lived there periodically when I was younger and all my family lives there now. I am dying to get back down to Florida!!! It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time!! Love the pictures!