avocado, sweet plantain, green onion.


It’s a rainy rainy day over here. I’m a bit bummed. I had a special adventure planned for Marlowe, but I guess it will have to wait. Womp. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! <3

ps! there should be having a pretty fantastic giveaway going up on the blog later tonight or tomorrow for you guys <3


    • So far, I like it better than Texas, but my boyfriend and I hope to settle down in California where I'm originally from 🙂

    • Have you been to Tunie's on Coral Ridge and Westview? It's a tiny "ma and pa" type health food store (as opposed to, say, Whole Foods) and I find EVERYTHING there. They have an entire produce section of locally grown organic produce and, gah!, I could live there. I guess I basically do since I feel like I'm there every single day!

      I've lived in Coral Springs (well, Parkland) since I was 8 and totally love it here now that I'm a parent. When I was in high school, no one could leave quickly enough, haha.

      Have you been to Dada in Delray? My other favorite place in the world, the best fair-trade lattes EVAAAAR.

  1. We're in South Florida too (Coral Springs) and, ugh, THE RAIN IS AWFUL. My umbrella snapped leaving Target today and we got drenched. Lovely Florida summers.