basil super green pesto, olive oil.
{In processor, puree: 
two handfuls of fresh basil
two handfuls of super greens (or any mixed green of your choice)
one hefty portion of nutritional yeast(or parm, for you cheese lovers)
garlic– as much or as little as you like
a heavy pinch of salt
black pepper
generous, oh so glorious, generous amounts of olive oil}

Welp, there are lots of big things happening on this side of the screen. I’ll be back next week with even more good reads, adorable (really adorable) pictures of M, What Marlowe Eats, and some pretty exciting news. Until then, eat some toast and have a really fabulous weekend!

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  1. I ate my first "things on toast" this morning.. avocado, garlic, cracked black pepper, on rosemary bread. Topped it out with a side of peaches (not on the toast), and it was a fabulous breakfast. I will be going through and finding some of your other things on toast combos. This is great!

  2. Friday, when I saw this post in my reader, I was suddenly craving bread and olive oil. And now again this morning. Damn you! Haha. It looks so delicious I am jealous that I don't have any of your mad baking skills!

  3. Walnuts work well too + garlic / and oh, you know what I mean 🙂
    If you'll ever come to Italy let me know. Have a nice day,

  4. Can I suggest you a little secret ingredient? Ok, add a handful of nuts to your pesto and it will taste like heaven 😉
    Hugs from Italy!

    • Ah yes, pine nuts, the not-so-secret ingredient 😉 I omit the nuts… typically because the only nut I ever have in my house is cashews… and because my body doesn't seem to react very well to pine nuts. Though, last week we did make a VERY nutty pesto with pine nuts.. its always delicious.

    • Usually the bread Alex bakes for his restaurant (its sourdough), but if not, then I just buy a loaf of sourdough from whole foods. His is better but its always so up in the air whether or not he will actually bring it. Sometimes he is sweet and does it without asking, other times its like pulling teeth to get him to remember 😉

    • I should say: This is Alex's ^^ and Alex is M's father, just to be extra clear 🙂