It’s crazy to think we’re already packing up, picking up, and leaving… but we are. As mentioned, and as promised, we will be back in Florida before Marlowe’s second birthday… just a short two weeks away. But before we go, we’re making sure to pack in as much fun and exploring as we possibly can (we’ve been doing a great job at this! boy, my legs are sore). Friday night, we left the north shore, and are now staying city-side, until Thursday. Thursday night, we arrive in San Francisco, where we will be spending a quick two and a half days. Monday morning, we will be arriving bright and early (hello five am east coast time!) to Miami. This time change back should be interesting. As my mom said “we’re getting older faster over here”. Hehe. Traveling into the future. This trip has been both long and short, and I’m sad and happy that these next few days are going to fly by. I’m just so pleased and grateful to be surrounded by so much beauty, kindness, and the biggest smiles and yells of joy from my favorite person in the whole wide world. It’s been so nice to see so many different settings, situations, families, and attitudes… And to leave, even more certain: I am so lucky for what we have. Marlowe has grown and changed so much this summer. And I believe, I have a bit too. This sure has been an interesting and unexpected season for this little duo of ours. Four more days. It’s on, Hawaii  😉
our current view, it’s a nice one.

ps. if you’re in the san francisco area and would like to meet up on saturday, we might be having a little picnic in the park with a few mamas and kiddos out there. Send me an email. And if you already have sent me an email, I will be returning those shortly. I’m going to take a minute and figure out details soon.


  1. Even from the pictures you can tell Marlowe's grown (physically and as a person). It looks like you both really flourished in your new surroundings. It's awesome you kept your blog content and quality so consistent while being away. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in sf.

  2. I am so busy on Saturday! I am running a 10k in the morning ("the big gay 10k") and then am *supposed* to photograph a music festival in the mission that afternoon. However, perhaps I can stop by the park on my way to the music festival!

  3. I so incredibly envious of everything in this post. Love, love, love that view! Safe travels to you and Miss M. 🙂

  4. Such pretty pictures. The month went by so fast! Ill be in San Francisco but not til October 5. Boo I would have loved to meet you! and little Marlowe. Especially since Marlowe and I share a birthday =)

  5. what a lovely adventure you gals are on! enjoy what's left 🙂

    xo, amanda