lazer eyez. 
It’s friday! woo! The image above is from last night. Alex had Marlowe for the night (just like he did every thursday, before our massively long getaway), so I met up with friends and went out on the town. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them. Too long. We had a few drinks, split a meal, and danced the night away. I had no idea, but I am apparently incredibly skilled at Ms. Pacman! I beat the high score in one shot, on my first try! So neat. I would totally put one of these machines in my home!… and never blog or doing anything productive again… 😉 
Marlowe is sleeping right now and I really cannot believe how big she’s gotten, it’s even more apparent now that we’re back home. It’s weird, (or not weird, but surprising) that her connection with Alex has only grown, since being away. We did FaceTime with him quite often in Hawaii, and whenever I received a late night call she would ask “dada?” It was good. I’m happy we can do those things for her and for each other. And it’s surprising to me, how happy this actually makes me. I’m happy to see her happy playing with him. And it’s fun to see her go into the fridge and go “dada’s milk. dada’s juice”. It’s really not his juice, but if I tell her it is, she doesn’t ask for it 😉 Sneaky sneaky. 
But… I am kicking myself a little bit for agreeing (and even suggesting) to such a long week without her. I’m hoping for a few visits in between to make it a bit easier, on both of us. I’m certain she’ll love it, I’m more worried about me. She’s the strong one of the two of us 😉 I’m sure it’ll be fine, since I have plenty to keep busy with… and I actually start work again, in just a few days. 
I have so many posts in my draft section from the past month or so. I feel like it’s all adding up, and I can’t keep up. I have SO many pictures to share of  Hawaii and California. Things are being pushed to the side, but I guess it’s okay. Most of it will be posted, because I love to keep those memories here. 
Daycare searching is not fun! (No one said it would be). I think I made it through an hour of online searching yesterday with Alex, until I started to quietly panic inside. Someone mentioned a nanny-share option on twitter, I want to look into that… A babysitter/nanny, isn’t very expensive around here… but even “not very expensive”… is a little expensive… and is enough to make me worry. I dread these sorts of things, but of course, it’s part of life. If you have any tips for finding the right (a decent, not scary) daycare or sitter, PLEASE share! I know almost nothing about these things. And the clock is ticking. I didn’t really realize how quick time would fly. 
Marlowe’s birthday is tuesday! I can’t believe she’ll be two already! All those first months, and this past year REALLY flew by. I don’t plan on having a party this year. Things are too hectic right now. But I was hoping to have a few of her little friends over (at my brothers) for some swimming. Unfortunately, the forecast for sunday is RAIN… and lots of it. I would love some ideas for (inexpensive) indoor kiddo get togethers. So far the plan is: lots of butcher paper on the floor and lots of markers and crayons, but I’d love to hear more ideas, because that’s all I have. 
I’ve got a lot to get organized around here, on the blog, and in real life. Over and over, I keep saying it: slowly but surely. 
Thank you thank you for all your support in my last post, and like always: with everything. 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. 


  1. Happy birthday Marlowe! I'm so glad that she has that connection with her dad…it must be adorable to see. And i can't wait to see all the pictures from Hawaii!

  2. Birthdays, birthdays! My daughter's little party is on Sunday 30th (although she was born three days later) and I'm still on ideas how to entertain three toddlers, a baby and a 6 year old. Tiny flat doesn't help but I'll definitely find something to keep them happy. Or I hope so 🙂 xx

  3. hi! I'm a preschool teacher,and as hard as is it to find a descent one to work at I can't imagine what mommy's go through. I would suggest asking the preschool for references from other moms, maybe email or even call.
    and meet with who would be her teacher and ask as many questions as you need, and if shes comfortable answering she most likely know what shes doing. good luck!
    ps: I love reading your stories! 🙂

  4. So you're a pacman pro, a? Such a cute and fun pic of you!

    Good luck on the daycare front… I have no advice, but it looks as though others have pointed you in some sort of a direction. Best of luck!

    xo, Ashley @ The Stork & The Beanstalk

  5. Storytelling is a great (no money) birthday party idea, she may be young still but I know you always talk about m reading or at least looking at books. Your blog is an inspiration. Stay strong 🙂

  6. I'm a nanny in Los Angeles. I get a lot of clients through I wish I lived near, I would totally babysit

  7. I second! we found Audrey's nanny for when I teach lessons at ULL. She was homeschooled, went to school for culinary, does gentle discipline, any housework (vacuuming and unloading and reloading dishes usually) andchatges $10 an hour. She was the first person we interviewed and I got such a good vibe we didnt do the other 5 interviews wewere going to schedule for that week. good luck drea. sending positive energy your way

  8. Since I am ajunct faculty as a clarinet professor, I needed to find someone for Audrey. After 2 weeks of searching I found someone amazing. Gentle discipline, she was homeschooled, has a degree in culinary. She charges $10 an hour and does light house cleaning like unloading dishwasher, vacuuming, and reloading dishwasher. I know it sounds crazy but try, all of my friends found their babysitter/nanny that way, and now me. Just be very very specific in what you are looking for. Good luck with it. I will be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way

  9. as for the birthday party, as soon as you said butcher paper on the floor, i thought maybe (washable) paint! it would probably have HUGE potential to make a mess, but maybe if there's a way that can "not" be a big deal, im sure the kiddos might love it.

  10. hello! I happen to be a prescchool teacher ( i teach two-year-olds, actually), andI can totally relate to the stress/anxiety while look. Make sure you look for a place where safety is a priority (codes to get into the school, cameras in classrooms, detailed plans in case of an emergency [such as tornadoes or fires], and emergency contact info),

    • Great tips! I don't think I would have thought of or noticed safety codes… Thank you!

  11. Hi Drea,

    I don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but there is a website called, I don't recall how much the membership is, (not very big), but I used it when I was looking for a caregiver position, and when I was looking for a nanny for my two littles, my daughter is 2.5 and my son is 7 months.

    There are a lot of options and information on peoples profiles and different price ranges per hour that you can search, and setting up an in person interview will help you determine who you feel most comfortable with. And most credible people have references, years of experience, and even background checks!

    Best of luck!

    • Yeah, it's the first place I looked after googling daycares. I had heard of it, since my SIL used it to find her nanny position in the summer (she's a teacher). You pretty much just email back and forth, then set up an interview, right? I've gotten a zillion emails since signing up yesterday. One has kind stuck out more than the others, so we'll see what happen… and hopefully *fingers crossed* we can afford it.

      Thanks so much!

  12. If you happen to choose daycare, ask for the phone numbers of a few of the parents (if they are willing) so you can ask how their children like the provider. Our home-based babysitter did that for us. Plus, if you go in to "interview" the daycare you will get a good sense of whether it will be the right environment for Marlowe. Good luck!

    • i'm absolutely going to interview the daycare! Eeeep. I'm nervous again just thinking about it. Thank you thank you for the advice!

  13. It's lovely to find a blogger who writes with honesty. Good luck with finding childcare and have a great weekend! xo

    • Thank you! I like being an open book. Thee's not much to say or fight, when you're up front and honest about everything 🙂

  14. If you haven't already, I would check out Perhaps you could find both a nanny AND somebody to share with you. I'm a huge fan of sharing. It's so much more affordable (and the nanny is happy because she is getting a good rate), yet Marlowe will get more 1:1 time and also social time with another toddler.

    • I signed up, but didn't pay the fee, so I've been getting tons of emails, but an't respond. It's on my to-do list for tonight, if I can get to it. If not, then tomorrow! Def. going to look into sharing! 🙂 🙂 thanks!