these two, reunited.
a proper lady date: (vegan) boxed mac and cheese, veggie sushi, and girly tv shows. 
dancing with her “party pants!” She know makes it a point to go into her dresser, pull these out, and dress herself. Who doesn’t love gold shiny pants? 
tomato bread soup
late night bike trike rides 
party prep. so sad that these two pretty ladies are picking up and leaving me. i love you, emily. 
“Can we just invite ourselves into your house and have you make us toast?”
“sureeeeeee.” *sparkle magic, toast*
distracting small friends. 
maybe my first time ever serving myself peaches. 
new babies!
lunch date.
This week has been interesting without Marlowe… I’ve missed her like crazy. The good news? She’s back. And you know, this week actually hasn’t been that bad. Especially since I didn’t have to go the whole week without seeing her, and totally saw her more than I thought I would 🙂 I spent much of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with little Miss Marlowe. Monday, Alex and I had started our daycare search. Then Tuesday, it was her birthday. And On thursday, I met M and Alex at a pre-daycare doctors check-up. After the check-up, we spent the day at the beach, and then went to lunch. It’s been very nice being able to see her at least every few days 🙂 The time in between has been pretty busy: catching up on life, doctors appts, work things, making up for lost work-out time, and lots of fun with friends time. I definitely enjoyed this break, especially because what’s in front of me is going to be extremely tiring. It’s time for me to start packing and move us into our new home. In less than 10 days, I’ll be holding the keys to my brand-new house. I’m exhausted today, and even more exhausted thinking about the next month in half. Working, blogging, packing, cleaning, painting, repairing, more cleaning, un-packing, organizing, and of course: mama-ing. But even with my exhaustion, I hold so much more excitement. I’m ready for another good and exhausting week 🙂 


  1. Hi Drea! I've been looking for a book to teach my son the alphabet, I'm currently using one in French, but I would prefer one in English. I've seen in some of your pic that Marlowe has one, would you mine sharing the title and author? Thanks!

  2. Hi Drea! What book is Marlowe reading in the first pic? I've been looking for a simple alphabet book for my boy (he is a day older than Marlowe) but haven't found anything that I like. I'm currently teaching him the alphabet with a French textbook, but I would prefer one in English.

  3. I'm with the others – gold party pants rock out!

    Really lovin' your blog at the moment. It's weird – I don't know you, but I'm very excited for you moving in to your new house and I'm sure we'll be treated to some fantastic posts about it. Good luck getting everything in order over the next couple of weeks!

  4. You seem to be hanging out with her dad again. Protect yourself! Leopards don't change their spots. It took me six years of back and forth with my daughter's father to figure that out. I say it with the best intent.

    • You're in luck! They make em in your size! American Apparel, haha. I totally death on buying some every time she pulls them out.