We’ve got little bits of Christmas scattered throughout the house. Not a whole lot, but just enough. I debated this year (like I do every year) if I would decorate or not. It’s not quite the same as it was last year, in some ways it’s better, in some ways it’s not, but it is a calm, nice feeling to have decorations up in this new home of ours. The decorations were sitting there… and the night was quiet, and we were both seeming a bit cooped up and bored, so “we” decorated. Marlowe became a sparkly blue glitter faced child after kissing her little reindeer one too many times and she hung her tiny ornaments on her tiny tree, while I climbed ladders to hang lights and out felt garland. Last year I went back and forth on the idea of what would be more eco-friendly: a cheap manufactured fake tree, that would last for a few years, or a real tree (tree farms are beneficial, transportation to Florida is not). This year, I accidentally found a solution. Knowing very well, I would not be able to set up (by myself) a tree for our home of two (even though I somehow managed to take down our 8 foot tree by myself last year), I opted for a tiny tree…. a rosemary bush. After Christmas, it will be planted in our yard… and cooked with (yum yum yummy). And later, as we get closer to Christmas, we’ll have our bigger tree, drawn on the chalkboard wall to place our presents under. I think it works out kind of perfectly. Something small, for Marlowe to decorate and something more than easy enough for me to handle by myself… along a little ornament coloring fun, later on. Now, we just need some snow… kidding, but maybe some cold at least? It’s 80 degrees inside this house of ours. Maybe I should turn off the oven, but warm cookies, on this sick day of ours seems really, really nice. Happy new week everyone, I’m off to organize, eat cookies, and lay down.

And like last year, I’m still on the hunt for a giraffe ornament for Marlowe. If you’ve seen any, or can recommend an etsy shop selling them, I’d love to find the *perfect* one for her this year.


  1. I'm sure you already know to, but be careful with Marlowe handling the Christmas lights. It doesn't take much lead for little one to have lead poisoning. Merry Christmas! Love you alternative tree 🙂

  2. African wildlife ornaments seem to be all the rage this year. I saw a giraffe at our local nursery, and Madewell had really pretty newspaper-macheed zebras and giraffes.

  3. Beautiful photos! Seemed like both of u had fun decorating your lovely home 🙂

  4. PS Surely with your felt sewing skills you should be making one for little M?!

  5. We have our living christmas tree (he's called Colin) and he has come in every year for the last 3 years… After Christmas he goes back outside to live in his pot happy as larry. I feel that is the best bet for us….and he doesn't grow too much because he's in a pot!

    I'll get on the hunt for a giraffe!
    S xoxo

  6. I want to jump through the screen and into your utterly cozy and Christmasy home. I hope that's not weird. Obviously, I wouldn't really, hee. :)But it is lovely. Of all the ornaments I've come across, I haven't spotted an giraffe ones that I pinned or "loved" on etsy. I did just receive some custom stuffed toys from pingvini on etsy. They quality is phenomal and it's all organic and can be vegan upon request. We didn't order ornaments, but I'm certain she would be able to create a small giraffe, similar to this one http://www.etsy.com/shop/pingvini?ref=usr_faveitems&atr_uid=14027598 upon request. Little Sapling Toys is where I ordered my LOs first ornament and it's a great price for sustainable and high quality products. You can see the ornaments here:http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlesaplingtoys?section_id=12341172 No giraffes, but they may take custom orders. Not sure.

  7. omg your big room! It came out AWESOME!!! I love the white paint on the stained glass – it looks sooooo good!!! I am wondering what color/brand white you use?

  8. girl, we are too much alike. i picked up a rosemary tree today at our local health food store. we do get real trees, but only because our close friends own a tree farm. we literally walk to their house to pick it out.

    i like the eco friendly route you chose. i'll keep my eye open for a giraffe ornament. did you know josh's "guy" that he takes everywhere (yes he is five) is a giraffe 😉

  9. I have two small 4 ft trees up and some garland. Thats it. Next year it may be less as I am still simplifying our life..
    I hope you find a giraffe ornament!

  10. I love the simplicity! Its so lovely! I love the idea that you are gonna draw a tree on your chalkboard wall to put the presents under. This is extremely creative! xoxo ♥