We had a really good christmas in the ohdeardrea house. Lots of family, food, and gifts. It still kind of… you know, sucks having to split the holidays with Marlowe, but thats just how it is, so we did the only thing we could do: make the very best of it. Christmas morning was spent here, where a very tired Marlowe woke up to a home overcrowded with gifts. I went into her room and asked her “do you want to see what presents santa brought?!” and her reaction? “Give Jerry gifts!” Yeah, she’s a sweetheart. (I totally wasn’t going to do the whole santa thing. She picked it up on her own, and we’re going with it… good behavior leverage, for sure. Sorry M.) We gave the pup a sweater and a bone…. which is now missing, and my guess is it’s hiding somewhere in Marlowe’s room. She REALLY likes to tease him! Marlowe loved our “christmas tree” (which she has been calling a “volcano” this past week) and I loved how easy it was to take down this year 😉 We opened presents, ate pancakes, and she headed off to Alex’s moms house. 
The night before was spent at my brothers. My sister in law made a huge dinner with lots of delicious vegan options. Marlowe chowed on mashed potatoes and ice cream, opened up presents, and played excessively with her new “dinosaur train”. This year was pretty good. And even with the splitting up of the two days, we had a bit of a better time then last year. This is M’s third Christmas, each one has been consecutively better than the last, and I’m hoping it just keeps getting better and better. It sure seems like it will 🙂
for all the pictures… 

too small to reach the peddles. womp.
christmas eve…
Marlowe handed out all her gifts.
chocolate strawberry faced. 
Our Christmas gift to everyone: Marlowe drawn and printed t-shirts 🙂 “Happy faces!” for everyone! 
Also, not pictured… Marlowe got a fish from santa. She named it herself… ask her his name… it’s “Jerry the fish!” 🙂 


  1. Beautiful Christmas! May I ask where you got the sleeping bag/nap mat for Marlowe?

    • It was a gift from her abuela 🙂 I thought it was a bit silly for a two year old, but M loves it! It's pottery barn kids!

  2. I am so happy your and Marlowe had such a nice Christmas!
    I am hoping your New Year will be even better!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your tree! My roomies wanted to have a "winter wonderland" so bad in the apartment, and somehow I'm the only one who did all the work, and will be the one cleaning it all up and I'm dreading it. Marlowe handing out the gift is so sweet. I love her style!

  4. sounds like a good christmas. love the pic of Marlowe with your Dad (i'm assuming your dad, right)

    happy new year. hope you have a great night.

  5. So happy you ladies enjoy your Christmas. And how I love that photo of you two! Girl you are gorgeous!!


  6. I love the printed t-shirts by Marlowe!

    And if she is too small to reach the pedals, as is my daughter, they make pedal blocks, that work very well. 🙂 Just a thought, if she even cares.

    • I had no idea! I'm totally going to look into the blocks! Thanks! Happy New Year 🙂

  7. Aw, very sweet pictures and such sweet gifts from Marlowe's artwork 🙂 It's amazing how excited and precious they are about things like Christmas. Sharing holidays is tough, I feel you there! Happy new year Drea & Marlowe, Jerry the dog and Jerry the fish! 🙂

  8. soo good to see that you had a good day! love the pictures! and have a great start in 2013

  9. looks like a very relaxed and cosy christmas! such a good idea with the christmas tree. T has a slight obsession with fish after a visit to his grandads, looks like fish will be on his birthday list this year!

  10. Sweet family photos. I love your tree too, and your whole Christmas decor. Very cheerful and lovely!