sweetheart. every weekend “nap me mama bed!” (nap with me, in your bed). anytime, darling. 
painted things. 
a christmas present. 
a painting according to Marlowe: “a shark, a fishy in da bubbles, a snake, paint, Jerry poop, a snake eating turtle poop!” 
cookie life. 
a grey, chilly weathered christmas eve morning. perfect for: hot tea (mostly milk in hand) and christmas movies with mama.
bright colored packages, tied up in strings.
a christmas threat. 
first day out of the house, after a long sick week: ice cream date. 
noodle soup date.
“abu rainbow” (a rainbow for her abuela) 
learning quick kitchen tricks: pressing garlic. 
rice pudding, chai tea day.
sweet teeth.
harley riding santa. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week 😉


  1. I love your curtain fabric in the bed room! The blanket and sheet are very pretty too. Where did you get those?

  2. Love all of pics! Especially the sweet tooth pic of M and her wild hair. Beyond adorable!

  3. Your new house is gorgeous! I love Marlowe's artwork! You've got a blooming, talented, young artist at hand! She takes after mama! I loved the picture of Marlowe holding up the picture on instagram!


  4. hahaha "a christmas threat". LOVE it!!! i saw that on your instagram and couldn't help but laugh….she is just too adorable! i hope you guys had a beautiful day yesterday!