M has had this lingering cough for a few weeks now. Nothing too concerning,… just a cough cough cough with a tiny bit of snot every morning or so (we assume it’s from daycare?). It’s been steady, not getting worse, but not showing too many signs of getting better. Marlowe and I had a really nice weekend. She spent Friday night and some of Saturday with my parents. After, we enjoyed pasta and movie night together in the evening. Sunday was spent around the house, cleaning up… and for the first time ever… in her bike seat, actually enjoying a tricycle ride. But sunday evening, it all went down hill once the sun went down… she went to bed early, without dinner (her choosing, not mine), and woke up with a pretty intense sweat and fever. We’ve spent the past two days cooped up in the house of ours. We’re going on day three, and she’s showing major signs of improving. And luckily, my strength is returning, even though I’m still fighting this really intense pain in my throat and ears. Alex was around to help on Monday (it’s his new and only day off), he did much of the cooking, and some cookie baking too. We all switched off on falling asleep, complaining of boredom (I think sick days are the only time I wish I had a tv), and planning fun meals we could cook (but not actually cooking them). As the night went on, Marlowe’s fever spiked and we took her to a children’s after hour urgent care. She got some antibiotics, another good dose of fever reducer, and headed home. We drove by a heavily lit christmas-spirited street to see if it would lift M’s mood a bit and thankfully, it did… “the lights mama! it’s a party!” and ended the night with chips (it was a fat kid day) and a few bites of cookie (pretty much the only thing she would eat all day). Yesterday, it was back to normal, her and I, battling the sickness. I had a goal to make apple pie (for Marlowe, I’m not an apple pie fan), but my energy was lacking after soup making, cleaning up after myself, and a sick messy toddler (how do they get messier when they’re sick?). Today, apple pie might happen (and coconut milk ice cream too), fingers crossed my energy levels allow it. She’s feeling a lot better… and I’m working on it. Hopefully we can kick this cough and cold once and for all.


  1. Sending sweet little M feel better vibes!
    Also, I think I want everything you post food-wise. It always looks so dang delicious. Can I bribe you to come up to Orlando for a day trip!? Haha. 😉

  2. Have you tried honey for the cough? It worked wonders for my two year old. I would just give her a tsp 30 minutes before bedtime & it worked like a charm. Hope everyone feels better soon 🙂

  3. My daughter Emma is only few days younger than Marlowe. She had that lingering cough all month of November and we ended up getting an inhaler from our doctor. In a meantime we tried all the natural remedies possible: manuka honey ( with milk or warm water), echinacea drops, eucaliptus baby chest rub, olbas oil drops in her room in the nightime, extra garlic and onions in cooking, even an onion syrup- which she wasn't impressed with ( you chop the onions finely put them in a jar and mix with a good bit of sugar, close the jar and let it sweat somewhere warm- then pour a spoonful of syrup and convince your kid to drink it;)
    Hope that little Marlowe feels better soon. Sending lots of hugs from cold Ireland:)

  4. My daughter Emma is only a few days younger than Marlowe. She had that lingering cough al month of November, with ups and downs. We ended up getting an inhaler from our GP and thankfully no antibiotics. In a meantime we tried ALL the natural remedies possible: manuka honey ( with milk or water), echinacea drops, eucaliptus chest rub, olbas oil drops in her bedroom at nightime. We used extra garlic and onion for cooking and even tried an onion cough syrup once, but herself wan't impressed ( you chop the onions finely and put then in a jar and add sugar, them let them sweat somewhere warm and then pur a spoonfull of syrup and convince your kid to drink it;) I hope little Marlowe feels better soon! sending lots of hugs from cold Ireland:)

  5. My one year old's sick too. Thankfully, not too high of a fever to need antibiotics, but there's a lot of cough and snot nonetheless. Poor baby's lost his appetite. I wish you and beautiful little M good health and speedy recovery before the holidays.

  6. We have been pretty lucky so far and no one has been sick. This is amazing because my son plays basketball, and we are in and out of his school a bunch a times a week. This is usually the culprit of our sickness. We usually pick something up at these events, but nothing yet. We hope to keep it that way! I hope you and Marlowe feel better soon! xoxo ♥

  7. that picture of her on the doctor's table is great. she's such a beautiful little kid. i hope y'all start feeling better! there's too much holiday-spirit to be enjoyed to be sick! 🙂

  8. hope she gets better asap! I had this same thing, for like 2-3weeks 🙁 Seems everyone is having a bout of this weird sickness!

  9. We're all sick too. My daughter woke up this morning with a fever and a cough. I've been battling it for two weeks now. So exhausting, and I'm so over it already. I'm ready for all of us to feel normal again. Being sick always takes a lot out of you. Hopefully you guys get to feeling better soon!