chickpea patties, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, corn and peas. 
Mealtime has been slightly more trying these days. Not because she doesn’t like the food, but because playtime is more important than sit at a table time… and because Little M has hit a stage where  all the things she loved to *oh so independently* do before, have become “mama help mama help”. So we sit, and we eat… and most things at dinner won’t get eaten unless I’m there, spoon-feeding her. Some nights, we’re good, she’ll sit and eat no problem… others, we sit together for almost an hour before a meal is completed. And while I love her to death, I prefer my long dining sessions to involve many friends and good conversation, not sitting alone at a table, struggling to convince my child to sit and eat, so we can play later. But whatever, it’s really not a problem, just a stage. And at least the food gets eaten…. thats the good and important part. 
potato leek soup ++ added one head of broccoli, grilled cheese. 
lentil fritters, mango chutney, dal saag, rice. 
I am a one pot wonder. Baked cornbread right on top of three bean vegetable chili. 
click the link if you’d like to see more toddler (&adult) meals…

lentil and vegetable shepards pie. 
vegetable rice soup
creamy olive and mushroom pasta. 
grilled tofu, corn, avocado, mango.
sweet potato and kale soup, veggie chips on top. 
tomato carrot pasta. 
noodle, tofu, mushroom, brussel sprout stir fry. 
lentils, beet and cabbage cole slaw, mac and cheese
(she’s obsessed with this cole slaw)
tomato soup.
Yes, I’ve been on a soup kick.
eggplant and mushroom lasagna. 

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  1. I'm so glad to have read this post. I had some really great potato leek soup this week but wanted to get a green vegetable in there before making it for my daughter, the head of broccoli is a great idea! All of these meals look divine.

  2. Drea, these are awesome meals! Since I had my first one (she's only 10 months old) I have not been able to cook much. I totally admire how you find the time to make such healthy, yummy meals for the both of you. May I ask what your planning is like? Do you make a meal plan and grocery shop at the beginning of the week or do you take it day by day? I'd love to put a system in place so I can get back to eating more fresh prepared meals instead of frozen TJ's meals I stick in the freezer. You are an amazing person and mama! Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us!

  3. UGH, I can totally relate with the too busy to eat! My toddler is so enthrawled with everything, unless it is blueberry yogurt, she could care less about eating! I hold her on my lap at meal times because she is a cuddler and plus it is just easier if we eat together. I give her a bite, she gives me a bite….

  4. I admire all these people meals that your little one eats. I bet her skin is beautiful and her moods are wonderful. I've always noticed that if my little girl has too much salt or artifical sugar…she turns into a bit of a monster!

  5. I am oh so glad that you are settled into your beautiful home so these posts are BACK! Quick question; do you have a tofu press? Any tips for grilling tofu?

  6. I have been reading your blog for a few years and feel so inspired by what you and Marlowe eat. If you ever get a chance to share that cornbread three bean soup, that would be amazing! I've made your vegan bean stew with biscuits to my family (none of which knew it was vegan!) several times:)

  7. My 2 1/2 yr old doesn't want to sit and eat either these days. I don't even try to take her to restaurants right now.