It’s usually just M, me, and the un-pictured boy around here for brunchday, but this week, with my mom and step dad being in town, we feasted with an extra large meal πŸ™‚ Marlowe helped cook… actually, she kind of throws a fit, if she’s not involved in the cooking process these days πŸ˜‰ And all of our stomachs grew a few inches after this meal. M had the largest buddha belly around and napped like a super-hero, like most people do after feasting. Even the dog got scraps, so you can say we were all pretty content around here for this meal.
On the (vegan) menu:Β 
fried paprika and onion potatoes
avocado-tomato salad
fried plantains
mexican style rice
and my favorite: a load of sour dough
also:Β a veg-friendly, but not vegan frittata
It was deliciousness.
Tofu scramble is pretty standard around here. Marlowe pleaded all morning “I want tofu and I want bread.” And at one point, got her shoes on, climbed into her toy car, and proceeded to tell us she was going to the store to buy some. She’s too much. Β What’s your favorite thing to eat for brunch?


  1. Ahh, having brunch together with friends and loved ones might be one of my favourite things in the world. Almost beats having diner, because it's so simple and laid back in a way, isn't it?

    My favourite brunch dish? I think that would be blueberry buckle. Bringing that to a summer picnic brunch is always a big hit. And I am always tempted to keep it all to myself. I don't do that of course, because that wouldn't be nice and sharing is cool and all that, but I am tempted anyways πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah, having brunch together is one of my favourite things in the world. Almost beats diner, because it's so laid back and easy in a way.

    Favourite brunch dish? I think that would be blueberry buckle in the summer. Bringing it to a picnic brunch always is a huge hit, and I always consider just keeping it all to myself beforehand. I don't do that of course, that wouldn't be nice of me, but I am tempted anyway πŸ˜€

  3. I adore your photos and your food looks so amazing. You're such a creative cook. My daughter has the same kitchen and Melissa & Doug pots as Marlowe. I would definitely purchase your cookbook when it comes out… can't wait!

  4. my mom's latina and my number 1 request for food when i go home are her fried 'platanos.' i love them! i should probably try to make them myself, thanks for the inspiration i needed…

  5. that looks delicious! Can't wait for your cookbook to come out ;). I wish we would have giant supermarkets with year round affordable veggies and fruit like you do in the states. No plantains or ripe avocados for us, boo!

  6. We love tofu scramble too! Lately I also love a hash made with Trader Joe's soy chorizo, black beans, and diced gold potatoes all wrapped up in a tortilla with avocado and salsa. Breakfast burritos are awesome. Beautiful sunny pictures! I can't believe you're wearing shorts. 12 degrees here right now and snowing….

  7. I am a tofu scramble addict. I really live your presentation on the avocado tomato salad, I will probably toss mine a little less next time and keep the avocado chunks more intact. Beautiful!

  8. oh my goodness, i'm in heaven. there's a place we go to in cleveland that every time we're there i want to call you because it is SO you.

    do i spy a candle of the Virgin Of Guadalupe on your bookshelves?

  9. um, i would have gone to town on those plaintains because i love them!! and the avocado/tomato salad…yum. nice to see M making good use of those little pink shoes. Lily wore them maybe three times? i have more for her. xoxo

  10. Everything looks so yummy! My favorite brunch item has to be vegan pancakes! Nom nom nom! πŸ™‚

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