collected old tops and bottoms for a new sparkly night to party.
in love with her new pet,  ‘jerry the fish’.
homemade new year gifts and thank you’s
new wheels, from her grandma. 
black eyed peas bringing prosperity into the new year.
baggies filled with goodies from the earth for my new, fun terrarium
ringing in the new year.
new house has a bathtub, we make bubble mountains now. 
filling up new shelves with new handmade things. 
I’m so incredibly tired this morning. Going on one hour of sleep over here. I woke up at 2:30 last night (after going to bed at 1:30) to a new friend in the house… his name is “Jerry The Rat”. Yes, not a mouse, but a rat! He’s been popping out of my recycling bin (outside) all week. Lucky for me, I have a bigger fear of roaches, than rats. Hours spent trying to get him out of the house… and well, that quick little thing, made it’s way under the cupboards, and into the walls! This will be an interesting week. Tomorrow I’m having a housewarming party part two and it looks like I might be asking my friends to play a real live game of mouse trap. Only kidding. I think. I’m pooped… &back to work I go. Happy rat-free (for you) thursday! 


  1. okay, i gotta know… marlowe's stepstool, any idea where you got it or who makes it? crossing my fingers it's NOT a thrift store find, because this would be PERFECT for my daughter! 🙂

  2. So….where do you store the new toys, especially the large car from grandma? I find that the bulk of the toys in the house aren't ones we buy, and they are always HUGE!

    • right now it's kind of a move around plan. The trike moved into my office closet. And the car is parked by the front window. It works for now, since I still don't have a ton of furniture… but later… eeek, I'm not sure.

  3. Those tops look so sparkly!!! Love your skirt btw:) Hope you get that rat asap. Your daughter's car is so cute! I love your blog! I am a new blogger, if you wish and have 2 minutes check my blog too. Hope you like it.:) take care and good luck with your new friend.:)

  4. OMG! A rat! But even more OMG, the reappearance of that awesome sequined skirt! Happy New Year ("check" is in the mail, btw)! xoxo

  5. Never heard of black eyed peas bringing prosperity before, is that a tradition of your family? For the rat I recommend an electronic pest repeller if you don't like setting traps, fingers crossed for you that Jerry doesn't make another appearance. Happy new year! xx

    • I remember hearing about it a few years ago. So I googled it and read that its supposed to be goodluck if you eat them on the first… well, I never have. And this year, on my way back home in the morning I decided M and I should detour for some beans. So we did…. and we ate them…. and now we have a rat… hmmmmm 😉