discovering glitter (she helped me make party decorations)
I gave her a surprise to come home to. (she didn’t care)
the best 3 minute meal I’ve made in a long time. (chickpea patty sliders: toasted sourdough, found leftover frozen chickpea patties in the back of the freezer– cooked them up, layered them with smashed avocado, sliced tomato, a touch off bbq sauce, and REALLY spicy-sweet- pickles. muah. so good).
pudding date (haven’t bought a pudding thing in years, she pointed to the pudding section, and how could I say no… *it was so tempting* Thanks for the vegan fat kid option, publix).
the moon (a view from the couch)
mac and cheese sick day date (“bubble water” date too)
my house stayed like this all week long. (the first thing Marlowe said, when walking in the door on Sunday? “Mama, you made a mess!!” Thanks M).
the way to my heart. (there was pizza for breakfast on my birthday).
always coloring volcanos (or smiley faces)
a farm. (she asked to go, so we went).
she’s a doll (my favorite doll).
one of three meals together a week (pasta for us, leftover tomato soup for her)
fancy seeing you here. (is my kid the only kid who won’t eat gummy bears?! yes, its a vitamin, but its still delicious…….?)
a beautiful gift (from Argentina)
Happy new week, guys 🙂 This one shouldn’t be as quite as quiet as the last. I finally got my act together, and got some meds for this tonsillitis, turned ear infection. Weeeee! Outdoors here I come!
PS. Two years later… I have an etsy shop again! I’ve got a few mobiles, dreamcatchers, and a section for your custom orders too. If you’re looking to buy some handmade love-filled things, please check out the new ohdeardreashop 🙂


  1. Chickpea patty sliders? I'm in heaven.
    Also, I think I'd probably leave up the birthday garland forever and ever.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for expanding back to etsy!!! 🙂 P.s. your daughter sleeping with her chin in her hands….sweet sweet girl.

  3. After a busy weekend I always like to sit at my desk and wander on the paths you have been. Beautiful photos as always and congratulations on etsy shop, I've already visited it a couple of times.
    Have a great week, girls! xx

  4. Cute!

    We drink LaCroix in our house as well….and call it "bubble water".

    Happy Monday!

    • i try not to buy it… cause it ends up really adding up… but it really is pure happiness in a can.

    • Alex makes it… he's a baker… I just have a bread addition. No recipe… but I listed a few books in my FAQ section. Maybe try the tartine book or no knead bread 🙂

  5. Aw I love this whole post. That is funny she isn't into gummy bears. My kid will kill for a gummy bear. You do such a great job taking pictures of everday things and making them look awesome… like a left over gummy bear haha.

    • she ate a few when i told her to eat it like a lollipop.. but otherwise she won't.. WHY!?!

    • Because vegan kids are funky…. LOL
      Evie loves gummy vitamins, but hates candy….. see weird…