*patiently* waiting
you can see a whole vegan taco post HERE, for more ideas. nom nom. mas tacos por favor.
maybe my last night of drinking beer… ever. anyone else become the new owner to a beer allergy?
We’ve been enjoying entertaining in our home. Whether it’s big sparkle parties, quiet couple dinner parties, early family brunch gatherings, or late night rowdy card game nights, it’s been a lot of fun. It’s never too much work, and clean up is usually easy…. unless there is glitter involved… in which case, your house will get cleaned, but you will never, EVER, rid your house of glitter. At any moment, at any part of the day, if you are in my home, you have glitter on you. (It’s like a never ending party!) There are only ever two food parties I ever imagine having: pizza or tacos. Tacos won last week (or was it already two weeks ago?). We made three different types of salsas, two different kinds of beans, tamales, and added in some other fun (and some not vegan) accoutrements. We had mexican coke. And optional fat kid coke floats to end our meal. We had a chip stealing baby to entertain everyone. And had a few rounds of apples to apples to end our night. I won the first round, but it’s been determined by many of my friends lately, that maybe I am the owner of beginners luck. I never seem to conquer second rounds of anything quite as well. I was able to ask my family over the next night, to enjoy a second evening of tacos (second for me, first for them), because there was leftovers for days. Neither M or I complained about the food abundance though, it always ends up making our weekly meals easier. Tacos for everyone, forever and ever.


  1. WHat is it about Tuesday that makes Tacos etc so… right? Mmmm. I find myself more and more picky about meat, so your link to the tacos ideas is really welcome for me to get in some protein as I learn to eat a sorta new way.

    Do you have gluten sensitivities? Was it a kind of beer you drink often? Sounds like you need to go with cider on times you want a bubbly bottle of something cold? (Or Zima, Ha! No, not Zima.)

  2. Your daughter is starting to look so much like you!! Btw the food looks yummyyy. 😉

  3. i'm in the same boat with the beer allergy, or intollerance. my throat starts to produce crazy amounts of mucus and i can't swallow. i really love flavored wheat bear so occasionally i'll suffer through about one and that's it because by the end of it i can't swallow any more. wine and cider are the way to go 😉

  4. How about hard cider? I've been doing the wheat free thing, more intense from gluten free, although I like to occasionally sip on a hard cider.

    • I used to drink cider all.the.time. But I stopped because all the extra sugar in it… but maybe I should see if it would give the same results. Whats your favorite cider? I'm partial to strong bow.

  5. allergy? or intolerance?

    i have a beer allergy. nasal congestion, red ear syndrome, flushed face, etc.
    i still drink beer. probably not a great idea, and the allergist i work for wouldn't approve. you can have a skin test done to see if its hops vs yeast vs gluten vs something else in beer that you're allergic to..

    i love beer.

    • Hm. I'm not sure. I def. get nasal congestion and slightly blotchy though. Whats red ear syndrome? I've been having the occasional beer here and there… but every time I'm like "I really just need to stop. I don't feel wonderful (BUT YOU TASTE SO GOOD)" And that night after two— I was like bleghhhhhh. I was thinking I should maybe get an allergy test. I'd be super interested to see what results come back.

      I also love beer.

  6. I am such a taco fan & you are killing me with this! Aaaaaah. I could look at this for HOURS! What are the pink pickles?
    Tacos for ever and ever!

    • Radishes! I especially loved them pickled on tacos, but even just regular radishes give a great crunch!

  7. Yum, tacos. And I just want to dive head first into that bowl of guacamole, por favor.

    Stupid beer allergies. Stupid allergies in general. Bleh. 🙁

    • It's not major… like I can have a beer or two… I just feel like I had 10 the next day… so it could be A LOT worse!

  8. Beer allergy? I would die if this happened to me. Not really, but I would be sad. Your tacos seem delicious! I have never had tacos in my life and now I can't wait to try them.

    • Two years ago, I would have said the same thing. Now, I'm kind of okay with it, as long as I can have my wine. Listen girl, I know theres probably not a lot of mexican places out there, but make yourself some tacos!!

  9. Your table settings are seriously the best. I love it so very much. I'm thinking I might need to pull out some of these ideas for a Cinco de Mayo hang out once the weather turns. Correction, if the weather turns.

  10. I have a good friend who's developed an alcohol allergy in her 20s – no fun! I'm not sure what there is to do about it, I believe she takes a benadryl when she wants to have a glass of vino but otherwise just abstains.

    Also, homemade salsa, get in my mouth.

    • my body goes nutzo with benadryl. I'm so sensitive to everything. I've been doing okay with wine, it's just been mostly beer that gets me.

  11. Maybr try a gluten free beer? I am gf….although I tend to drink more red wine these days. Lol.

    • I was thinking of trying that! Though I highly doubt it'll help considering all the bread/pizza/pasta I eat….. and have no reaction to gluten when I have those…. unless it's the GMO's in the beer wheat, but I'm pretty sure last time I had organic beer I felt shitty after too. I'm wondering if it's something else, like the hops or the brewers yeast. Who knows, I do love beer… but wine is A+ too.