We spent our tuesday, out together, escaping the heat with the ocean breeze. We packed a picnic of tropical fruits, bbq chips (is there a better chip?), and the biggest sandwiches I have ever seen. A fresh baked bread, not even 30 minutes old, sliced thick, with sun-dried tomato and basil spread, topped with mountains of fresh vegetables, and a smokey tempeh. For Alex, added fresh mozzarella. For Marlowe, a sandwich of sun dried tomato and avocado. We drove a tiny bit north, to a quieter beach, and set up camp. This tent, has been sitting in my car for well over a year, but I’m happy to be using it again, it’s the perfect easy escape from the sun and heat. I lounged in the breezy shade while Alex and Marlowe played, running back and forth to the water. After, we left the beach to grab a drink, while Marlowe took a nap in her stroller next to us. It was much more fitting for us Floridians, than our chilly beach picnic, not even a month ago. We came home cleaned up, and headed out to the drive-in, eating popcorn, drinking wine (a bubble water for Marlowe), and laughing quite a bit at the movie and at each other, i.e. Marlowe laughed when we laughed, and then laughed louder. It was a perfect day.
After writing, saving, and publishing my yard work post last night, I closed the computer, walked away, stepped into the shower, and realized, “geez, that post sounded depressing.” It wasn’t meant to. I was just sitting on the couch, hot, and flustered, from that days yard work (or lack of it) (and maybe slightly, okay mainly: pmsing). But in reality, even with the very minor frustration for that day (or just that moment), I’m not angry, or even upset. I was only slightly frustrated— while being overall: the happiest I have ever been. Consecutively, day after day, our time is good. I live a really great life and I know it. I like the changes I’ve made— and the changes we’ve made. I like the life we’re building. We’re lucky in this home, in this family, in this life. At the end of a hot (and usually dirty) day, I step into the shower, soak my face, and think to myself: what a luxury I have, to be able to cleanse myself, not only with clean running water, but I have the ability to make it as cold, warm, or as hot as I like. That is a luxury not every human-being has— and never once do I take that running water for granted.
I’ve referenced my one year plan a few times in the past few months, but today, I can really look back at my list and say I’m accomplishing everything I hoped to do (—okay, except the spanish. que perdida). None of my goals are things that I can just check off and announce completed, but only because they are goals that are never ending— that must always be worked on. But I’m doing it, it’s all happening. This is the first year that I’ve set my goals and moved forward, without them being left behind. This year, this life, it’s a good one, and we’re working on making it our own and more beautiful everyday. We’ve been easy living, enjoying all the little and big things, and I am grateful.
Thanks for being here.
Have an enjoyable weekend, everyone.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and I love your food posts (I'm a vegetarian). Your blog is wonderful!

  2. Your picnics always look absolutely delicious. I'm jealous you live where its warm enough to go to the beach already!

    LOL, seriously….where!
    I loved your entire day and soooo wish I was able to get some near where I live!
    love the beach!

  4. What a beautiful day you all had! The water looks amazing. Being landlocked in chilly Kansas City right now really makes me jealous:) I love reading along on your daily adventures and cheering you on as you accomplish your goals. You are awesome!

  5. Hi there! I LOVE your photos, they are amazing. I'm a new follower, found you on ABM, and I really, really like your blog. A lot. Even though I adore meat (could never live without prosciutto) you inspire me to try more vegetarian options!

  6. I miss being only 15 minutes from the beach! Now it's a 2 hour drive, and before that a 20 hour drive to a real coast. Enjoy it a little extra for me please. Especially the smell of salt water.

  7. im so glad i stumbled across your blog! I've been going back and fourth between trying to become a vegetarian. love your food posts!

  8. Oh that all looks utterly blissful. That beach! That sandwich! I absolutely love tempeh, you have reminded me to buy some, I haven't had it for ages. I am glad you are happy, you so deserve to be. And your life does look amazing right now. Your post about gardening didn't sound depressing, it just sounded like it was written by a tired gardener; I totally related.

  9. The sandwich looks delicious!! It has been a good year for me too (so far). Cheers to the weekend! :))

  10. that picnic looks way too delicious for a beach picnic. mine always taste like sunscreen and sand! haha. sounds like the most perfect day ever. i'm glad you're happy xoxo

  11. oh my goodness those sandwiches look amazing! what a perfect way to spend an afternoon!