A few, really quick, running shots of our hide and seek adventure. I never thought Marlowe would be so brave to hide in such dark places and for such a long time! She hid like a champ! And I’m sure the only thought going through her mind (and one that she was absolutely proclaiming quite loudly) “You can’t find me!”. And I would never think hide and seek could be so incredibly fun as an adult. I absolutely won this round. It was my in the far back corn of my dark closet, covered in clothes that did it. They must have checked the closet three times and never found me, while I just snapped pictures of their feet to see where they were (putting a camera on mute is always a good call), until they finally gave up. If you haven’t played it lately, I recommend you do. It’s belly-aching hilarious to see what sort of space adults can find…. and actually fit in to…. or not fit into 😉  Also, my biggest tip: the dog is always a dead giveaway, never let him know where you hide.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Ain't it the best? My girl has just started being interested in hide and seek and now, when I come home, she insists on hiding from me. It's an impromptu game every day at noon and five-ish. Sometimes she hides like a champ and other times her giggles are a dead give away! Good times. I love the hiding places you guys found.

  2. Hide-and-seek is such a fun game! I love playing it as an adult. It is so much fun to watch kids try and come up with the best hiding spots!

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I'm in love. This is the most adorable thing I think I've ever seen. And that spot on top of the fridge! So good! Makes me wanna grab my nieces and play – and be inspired to photograph without giving my spot away!


  4. This is so cute! Totally made me smile. Alex on the fridge is hilarious! How did he even get up there? He definitely doesn't mess around with hide and seek! I also love the little toes picture on the bottom, peeking out from under the clothes. And your floral curtain is beautiful! Want that!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Haha! This is hilarious!! Such simple family fun. Love the pictures too to document it all 😉

  6. omg I love Alex on top of the fridge!!!! LOL and Marlowe's little attempts are so cute…little legs and toes hanging out. Can't wait til my LO grasps the concept!

  7. This is great!! I can't wait (I can really) until Lucy gets big enough to play games like this with her. She's just caught on to peek-a-boo and it's just as funny the first time as the seventy eighth time when she laughs that baby laugh.
    Marlowe is so big!! I took a hiatus from being able to read blogs and when I came back she was a little person! And so pretty!

  8. I've been thinking and thinking… but I cannot find the words that properly convey how fabulously fun this post is! ♥ it!!

    • Well, if it were up to M she would only ever hide under the laundry pile, we had to help her a long 🙂 but alex did great! 🙂

    • Well, that's probably because the laundry pile is *the best* place to hide ever 😉

  9. Brilliant, looks like there are plenty of great spots in your house! My daughter still just stands with her hands over her eyes counting, even if she is hiding, one day she'l get it!

    • Haha, well only one of us would hide at a time, so the other could help her out 🙂

  10. I remember playing this with one of my little boys and he fell asleep in the wardrobe while waiting to be found. We had forgotten we were supposed to be playing it. Good job we found him before we started panicking.

  11. This is so awesome!Thanks for the fun game inspiration! We will be giving this a try this weekend! How did Alex get in all of those awesome hiding spots?? I would have knocked over something trying to get into those spots!

  12. This is SO so great! Just discovered you yesterday… but I think this is my favourite 'house tour' by far!! Lovely space, and family you've got there!
    Happy weekend'ing!
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    • I was so pissed at jerry for blowing my shower curtain spot. I was tucked between the two. They would have never found me. We started just making him sit in the counting place to not ruin the game 🙂

  13. haha! I died when I saw the refrigerator hiding spot. Took me a minute to spot him! 🙂 Looks so fun!

    • I almost peed my pants at a few different spots, but I wasn't quick enough to take photos, or I put the camera down and didn't have it to snap the photos! It was ridiculous.

    • Drea – sorry for this kinda lamo question – but are you and Marlowe's pop back together or are you guys just hanging around each other a bunch these days. I understand that this is a personal question and totally get if you don't answer – I just keep being confused recently so I thought I would ask. YOU ARE LOVELY. A