Well, we did it. Marlowe has made the move from crib to…. well, crib turned daybed, with a safety bar. You know, the big girl move. And along with this, it seemed like the perfect reason to make some small, but big changes in her room. (You can see the old design HERE). I was never in love with her first room, in this house. Everything seemed much more dark than I normally enjoy. Not airy enough. Moving her play kitchen into the closet, made all the difference. It brought out lightness in our blue walls, and tidied up the space, while leaving her to create whatever dinner mess she wanted, a bit more tucked away and out of sight. Also, you may notice a huge addition of pink in this room. Pink is not normally a color I decorate with— I’m more keen on yellows, blues, and greens…but this girl, she really loves her pink…. and who am I to fight her on it? She has to be able to love her own things too… so pink it is. And really? I kind of enjoy it. I especially love the re-use of the sparkle party decorations. While putting them up, I knew exactly what I would do with them, when they came down 🙂 It’s her own little magical dreaming play space. I’m really happy with the outcome… and I think she likes it too 🙂 
oh, and this big girl bed update? it’s great. She never, (not yet anyway) has tried to get out. She still calls for me, when she needs me. She seems to sleep a whole lot better too. And she can get up on her own in the morning, to come wake me herself. 
When the right one finds us, she’ll have a better night table set up. For now, the dollhouse-bookshelf is key.
I picked up these fabric panels from a local indian store. It was a nice and inexpensive solution for curtains. 
where she makes all our best dinner meals… and coffee too… lots of coffee. and she takes her phone calls. she gets a lot of those. 
elephant print
our love will never fade print
wall colors
white: whisper by quiet home paints
darker blue: torn skirt by quiet home paints
lighter blue: sea glass by quiet home paints.
**Paint c/o quiet home paints. If you’re looking to repaint anything in your home I HIGHLY recommend Quiet Home Paint. It’s some of the easiest, smoothest paint I have ever worked with. It’s eco-friendly, non harmful, and doesn’t give you that paint smell headache that comes too often with remodeling your home (it’s 100% odor, VOC, and solvent free). I really wouldn’t put any other paint in my child’s room. 


  1. Her room is beautiful! What did you use to make the streamers? They're great!

  2. Her room is beautiful! What materials did you use to make the streamers? They're great.

  3. Her room is beautiful! What did you use to make the streamers? They're great!

  4. Is her toddler rail universal? If so where did you find it? They discontinued the toddler rail conversion kit that matches/fits our crib.

    • yes! I found it on amazon. I don't remember the name or anything. It was honestly a pain to find it. But there were three different kinds that all seemed universal.

    • I did make them. And I don't really feel the but if you wanted me to, I could figure out numbers and stuff to make them 🙂

  5. I looove that elephant, but, as someone said before, there´s only a small print in the shop, was the one you have a custom order?

    xoxo Trine

  6. where'd the "you are my favorite" piece come from? i say that to my daughter all the time!

    • Urban Outfitters— 5$ clearance. I'm sure you can make one too 🙂 Just stencil and spray paint!

    • you can buy little clips attached to rings in the curtain section of hardware stores! They are the handiest things ever!

  7. That elephant print is so gorgeous. Just wondering what size it is and what it's printed on, as there appears to only be an A4 size on paper in the etsy shop?

    the streamers over the bed are my favourite part, you're so talented! just beautiful.

    • I'm not sure how big mine is, but it was a custom order. I'm sure Oana would know! I just asked her to blow it up as big as she could. We stretched and pinned it on the wood ourselves.

      Thank you 🙂

  8. You really have a great blog! I love reading it and you inspire me to be more honest (or at least try too!) Cheers!

    • I never thought about this before… but it might be time I look for one for myself too…

  9. What a gorgeous little girls room! So inspiring! I LOVE that gorgeous elephant print!

  10. Oh my goodness. Too many good things to list. I love all of it!!!!! Good job mamma!

  11. It's fantastic Drea, well done you, Marlowe is very lucky. Love the windows and the view and the amount of light in the room. It's wonderful.

  12. holy moly, this is room perfection! I would soooo rewind time and ask my mom to decorate my room like this:-) xoxo

  13. Where did you get the cute little deer decal? (I'm assuming that's what it is and not hand painted. If it's hand painted, that's awesome!)

    • I don't remember! It was over two years ago… but I know I ordered it online! Sorry my dear <3<3

  14. this room is dreamy. thanks for the paint recommendation. about to paint a whole lot of space and am searching for a good eco-friendly option.

    • this paint is seriously amazing. You can stick your face in the can and theres no odor.

  15. Marlowe's room is beautiful!I love the artwork you have on the walls especially the Bambi picture.and I really love the peacock clothes hangers with her little outfits on. You did such a great job!
    Bianca xx


  16. I love everything about her room! The curtains, the awesome play kitchen and the amazing baskets. Oh and the ballerina of course!

    • well… it's actually stays very dark with the blinds closed…. but, lately, I feel like she's been sleeping in a lot later when I leave the blinds open….. weird, I know.